Asshat Alert: CNN Declares All Blacks as Felons


Congratulations assholes!  Spoken like true leftists.  Once in awhile the left exposes their true beliefs.  This time they have their collective pants around their ankles.

So who are the racists here?

Great ad by the way….

~ Hardnox

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One Response to Asshat Alert: CNN Declares All Blacks as Felons

  1. Vic Mazza says:

    Dear Americans,

    The sad thing for me is the agenda of the left (votes, even @ the expense of others and our country) and the labels they attach to people to achieve same …

    People (Americas, by their true nature) regardless of the color of their skin, want to be productive @ a good paying, steady job they can be proud of….nobody, deep down wants a hand out…we strive for liberty, freedom, self esteem & a secure future for ourselves, families & country.

    Why on earth would we want millions more of undocumented, illegal immigrants to come here unchecked, to receive billions of taxpayer funded benefits (paid for by we the people), flood our work force artificially with unskilled cheap labor and effectively cut the line for those not breaking the law….

    This is not an issue that divides us, this issue should unit us…

    With Obama & now Clinton, the down side is more like an abis, and not simply a valley…

    These are some crystal clear reasons to get behind this man (Trump), the future of our supreme court not withstanding…wake up!

    Go Trump, 11/2016, President Elected.

    P.S. The establishment…if your listening…there exists no free pass.