Sunday Feel Good Stories

wrong houseJohn Fleetwood Jr. heard an intruder break in through a glass door of his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, so he went to investigate with his trusty .38 Special revolver. He encountered 30-year-old Yvon Juteau in the hallway armed with a crowbar and promptly shot him three times in the face. Juteau dropped the crowbar and exited the abode through the broken glass door, leaving a trail of blood that the police followed. There was a struggle and Juteau was subdued with a Taser. He has been involved with law enforcement since he was a juvenile, including incarcerations since 2010.


A homeowner in Visalia, California confronted an intruder in his backyard. There are few details, but the homeowner shot him once and the wounded man was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.


A man and a woman were assaulted in their home on Wednesday last week. They were afraid that it would happen again, so they tossed throw-snap fireworks around their yard to warn of anyone approaching the house. Thursday night, the fireworks woke them and the husband met the intruders at the back door just as they kicked the door down announcing that they were the police. The homeowner, not believing them, hit them with pepper spray and they bolted. Police found them at the hospital being treated for the irritant. The police found a large knife at the scene of the spraying that was tied to the pair of thieves.


The other day we talked about an off-duty cop who was a victim of an attempted robbery on the streets of The Bronx, New York. The cop had a gun pointed at his head, when the man accompanying him, his cousin, a civilian, it turns out, grabbed the cop’s gun and shot the thief in the leg.


Hampshire County, West Virginia is a little safer this morning after John O’Handley, who was on his way to jail on a stolen motorcycle beef complained to the arresting officer that his hands hurt while they were restrained behind his back. The deputy cut him a break and handcuffed his forepaws in front of him. O’Handley tried to grab the deputy’s gun. The deputy was just faster and he put a bullet in O’Handley’s brain housing group and he was pronounced DRT.


A woman in O’Fallon, Missouri, had a confrontation with an intruder in her home that ended with her shooting him. He was DRT (dead right there) by the time the police got to the scene.


In Blythe Township, Pennsylvania, a homeowner encountered an intruder inside his home and he shot the thief who was taken to the hospital and he’s expected to recover from his new orifices. The homeowner was unharmed.


A thief in Bronx, New York, ordered two men he encountered on the street to turn over their valuables. A brief struggle ensued and one of the victims shot the thief in the back. He was determined to be DOT (dead over there) at the hospital. I guessing that the gun used to shoot him was taken from the criminal.


Four armed thieves forced their way into an Olive Hill, Kentucky home. There was an altercation of some sort and only three of them left the residence standing. Kevin J. Helton, 48 left the home feet first after being shot by the resident. He was DRT (dead right there) when the police arrived.


In Calgary, Canada, an armed thief robbed a convenience store. When he set down his firearm to scoop up his loot, a customer scooped up his gun and pointed it at the thief. The crook dashed out of the store, as did the customer who ran in the other direction. The police have the thief in custody, but no one can find the heroic customer or the gun. So there’s at least one good guy in Canada with a gun right now.


Stay frosty friends.

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9 Responses to Sunday Feel Good Stories

  1. FYI; You’re early….today’s Sunday, not Monday, HN…

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    I look forward to these stories as much as, no……more than, Funny Friday.

  3. captbogus2 says:

    Those stories are a great way to end the week or start off a new week. Whichever…

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  5. Uriel says:

    This simply points up the fact that Obama has released hundreds back into the public even in the last month or so. I bet there are few real time statistics on how many immediately returned to their criminal ways in order to cover up. Obama is directly responsible as are governors, government workers, lawyers, and judges who indiscriminately loosed felons. All have blood on their hands.

  6. Popular Front says:

    Shot three times in the face? With a .38? When that robber is finished doing time he should buy a lottery ticket because he’s the luckiest asshole alive.