Do Not Buy Into The Lies Of Mainstream Polls And Headlines

Election 2016 Presidential Polls

Real Clear Politics August 21, 2016
Sunday, August 21
(LA Times/USC)……..Clinton 43…….Trump 45
In Ohio:
CBS News/YouGov…….Clinton 46…….Trump 40,
………………….Johnson 6……..Stein 2
CBS News/YouGov…….Clinton 40……..Trump 40,
………………….Johnson 7………Stein 2
Simple Newsmax Poll

For those determined to spread the Democrat narrative (both liberal and conservative) – jerk the toilet chain and flush your polls down into the sewer.

First, polls are ridiculous. They tell nothing more or less than the mood of the people at any given time. They are biased as he#l.  From the one preparing the questions to the one skewing the results, nothing is unbiased.   When approached, were the people angry about something that moment like maybe a misquoted or deliberately slandered statement? Were they fed up with receiving so many unwanted polls and simply replying to get the poll off the screen or off the phone? (which I admit I have done,)

The polls and the headlines are both nothing more than media’s efforts to validate their voice or fill up air time.

The meat of the dinner will not be served until the votes themselves are tallied at the General Election and even more importantly at the Electoral College.

Stop believing the media hype for Hillary. We already know thanks to WikiLeaks that the DNC and Hillary had in place means, methods, and practices for PAID employees to send out thousands of media press releases which mainstream media dutifully posted on air, online, and in print.

We already know that mainstream media has been intimidated and corrupted to the point that nothing they send out can be completely truthful or reliable if it pertains to Democrat endeavors, Hillary Clinton, and Obama.

Do Not buy into the narrative and allow these talking muppets to convince the country that they are right and that our cause for republican government is lost.

Do Not buy into the headlined frenetic narratives like these and hundreds of others:
“Trump Is Cratering” In Latest Polls – ZeroHedge
Inside the Failing Mission to Tame Donald Trump’s Tongue – NY Times
Why Trump is Failing the White Working Class – The Weekly Standards

For Once People, Pay Attention to the real issues and

who is or is not addressing them.

Too many videos like this one show that the general populace while choosing sides HAS NO IDEA WHO SAID THE COMMENTS. Get your heads OUT of your video games, listen to the issues, if you don’t want to read go to YouTube and call the dang speeches up.



Try using your brain for more than stuffing the empty space in your head.



Try being realistic not a candidate for the funny farm.



Most Importantly Read The Constitution For Yourself!

Read the dang constitution, its online so “online withdrawal” won’t occur, needs no inoculation for sexually transmitted disease, and it’s PC approved, not one she, he, them, it, or they.   There is not one reference involving racial slur, suppression of universal rights, particular gender or sexual affiliation, or specific practices abhorrent to the PC crowds.   Best of all the reading is SHORT, to the point, and can be done easily between quests for the next Pokemon-Go critter or break between online gruesome battles.  Even multi-taskers with multiple machines, should have no problem reading and comprehending IF  focus is done  in short burst paragraph by paragraph.



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2 Responses to Do Not Buy Into The Lies Of Mainstream Polls And Headlines

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  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    I warned about their plot a few months back. They will manipulate the poll numbers to make it seem like Hillary is going to win or is very close. Then it’s a simple matter to electronically alter the computerized “ballot box.” They will squeak out a win for Hillary ad then we can go to plan B.
    BTW, some of those videos are painful to watch. To think that there are that many communists spreading their bullshit and have so many followers is truly disturbing.