Trump On Target

Donald Trump fired off an M-4 rifle on Thursday as he took his ‘law and order’ appeal to a gun range at a North Carolina police lodge.

But his campaign team wouldn’t release a photo he took with police officers who joined him at the shooting range, and individual officers weren’t allowed to shoot their own pictures with the presidential candidate, an officer told

Early reviews are that Trump was right on target when he aimed and fired.

‘He fired several shots. I saw two for-sure bullseyes. At the distance we were I couldn’t tell you there wasn’t more,’ Ron ‘Duck’ Wyatt, the mayor of nearby Troutman remarked.

‘It was excellent marksmanship,’ the former firearms instructor for police and civilians added.

Iredell County sheriff Darren Campbell vouched for Trump’s skills while introducing the mogul to a supportive crowd of police officers. ‘I gotta say this man can shoot,’ he said.

Trump's Target

Trump’s Target

Also Today : Hillary’s aide was also on target when he shot a Diazepam pen into her thigh just before a seizure started and she started to bobble her head and scream “Look at the shiny stars!”
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3 Responses to Trump On Target

  1. Uriel says:

    Terry. Just saw a blog today. Whoever that guy is, he has no longer been seen since the picture hit internet two weeks ago.

    • upaces88 says:

      OM Lord! That is disturbing. Did she fire him; OR kill him? Wellll, you know The Clintons do seem to deal with people who get in her way; or say too much.

      • Uriel says:

        Too true. Add to that a perfectly healthy lawyer in April. He worked for Wikileaks. He was a multi-millionaire around 35 and in perfect health so I read. He somehow “fell” in front of a train in Europe. The cops said “suicide” move along nothing to see.