U.S. Sent Iran Another $1.3 Billion

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Weeks After Initial Payment and Prisoner Release,
U.S. Sent Iran Another $1.3 Billion

The Obama administration remains murky on details of what critics call a ransom payment.

Weekly Standard
By Jeryl Bier
August 16, 2016

Less than two months after Iran received $400 million in foreign currency in January, the world’s top state sponsor of terror acquired another $1.3 billion in cash from the United States, based on statements of U.S. government officials.

A State Department official confirmed to THE WEEKLY STANDARD that the payment occurred before March 17, and President Obama, while addressing the initial $400 million payment, acknowledged on August 4 that payments to Iran must be made in cash because “we don’t have a banking relationships with Iran…We could not wire the money.”

A State Department official responded to TWS via email on Monday, saying “I can confirm that the payment was made before Assistant Secretary Frifield’s letter on March 17, 2016, in which she said the payment had been made.” Although the official would not confirm the “mechanics” of the payment, the August 4 statement from President Obama suggests no other alternative than that the $1.3 billion was also paid in cash.

Assistant Julia Frifield also wrote in her March 17 letter that “[t]he payment for the compromise that was reached on interest, of approximately $1.3 billion, has been provided out of the Judgment Fund.” A search of the Treasury Department’s Judgment Fund website, however, lists no such payment. The Treasury Department had not yet responded to a request for an explanation of the missing information.

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I was pretty sure that $1.3 billion had been paid too.  So why would Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have bothered to fire off a letter to Obama, except to stir trouble with his own government? See my “$400 Million Payment – Mistaken Perception Or Something Else”.

But according to what Weekly Standard tried to investigate, the payment that should have been in the Judgement Fund as withdrawal was not found.  So where did that money come from and how did it go out to them.  As usual there is something rotten in DC and I doubt anyone finds that missing cash or really does try to get it back.  Maybe Obama moved it out of our bank owed by the EPA and State Department in Mexico….naw that is part of someone’s retirement fund.  Maybe it came from Defense since they had extra in their budget.  Obama has been known to move money out of that into other needs.  Or, maybe it’s federal retirement or Social Security that got shortchanged?

I seriously doubt he or Hillary took it out of their personal retirement accounts, you know those well padded, hidden, tax-free ones.


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  1. RE says:

    osambo a boil on the arse of America. What do you do with a boil?

  2. upaces88 says:

    They are the ones who decide…They hold the purse vs. Obama
    HE IS NOT supposed to act like a King.