That Crazy Unca Joe

You might mistake the following for a Monty Python sketch, but sadly it is not. This really just happened.

While trying to make the point that Donald Trump can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes, Crazy Unca Joe proved to the dozen or so idiots at a Killery ‘rally’ that he can’t be either… when he pointed out his military aide in the audience that has the nuclear launch codes.

But don’t we also have to worry about putting those codes near anyone who may have a seizure ….



Or trip and fall on the magic launch button…



Think about it.



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3 Responses to That Crazy Unca Joe

  1. This is the only reason I am glad hussein survived 🙁 but there again would it could it have been worse?

    • Terry says:

      Lisa I’m pretty sure (as are most people ) that was THE reason for picking Crazy Joe as a VP, that he might be an insurance policy for obozo staying safe.
      But could he be worse ? I don’t think so . He’s too damned stupid to be more evil than what we have now.

  2. Uriel says:

    Every dictator has a buffoon to help in sleight of hand.