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Why Bother?  Who Cares at this point?

My Reasons:

First, the role of State Department and President in this issue should never be forgotten or allowed to happen again.  And, most importantly  at this time, citizens’ MUST remember what these people are capable of–the total destruction of our country in any way possible and disregard for lives to  achieve that goal.

Second, most of the public has no idea what the intelligence community thought the day after the Benghazi attack.  That is a vital missing component for us to see more about what people close to the events were talking about less than 24 hours after the attack.  State Department and Obama lied, flat-out.  People know this but inside these redacted FOIA emails are events and comments by the NightWatch on the issue.

Third, we see that there is thinly veiled contempt, accusations, and news that we all may be thinking but these intelligence members risked their lives and careers in the presenting.

Fourth, it puts paid to why Clinton and Obama used the lie about a video–their willingness to capitulate to the excuse (any excuse) of a tyrant whom they backed in order to cover up the truth and release themselves from responsibility.

Fifth and finally, it sheds light on mainstream media’s deliberate cover up of facts in order to keep Clinton and Obama out of the fray and the reality of the horrors of that night from causing a revolt by Congress and US citizens.  In essence, media has for a long time deliberately colored the news to prevent Obama from being impeached when by all rights he should have never been allowed to serve at least not for a second term. The outcry should have been enough after Benghazi to have warranted both of their impeachments right then. The Democrats and those pulling the strings behind the scenes like Soros could not risk that happening.

The events of that night could and should have destroyed Clinton and Obama’s political careers then none of the past four years and possibility of future plans would have ever come about.  Just think of all the accidents, incidents, executive orders, and events that would have been avoided.

Thanks to Judicial Watch and others, these FOIA requests are coming to light.  It has come at a high cost.

Some hackers while operating outside the law are risking a great deal to get word out not just about US problems but NWO and its insidious march to destruction of our world at large.  Others are suspect but are shedding light also.

(Note all forms of emphasis below are  mine.)


UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-10167 Doc No. C05715337 Date: 09/01/2015 – · Obtained by Judicial Watch, Inc. via FOIA (September 2, 2015)

(S//NF) Benghazi has witnessed a marked increase in terrorist violence since early April 2012, much of
which has been directed toward the official foreign presence in the city._ Most recently, the car of an
Egyptian diplomat exploded on August 20, causing no deaths or injuries. On June 12, the UK
Ambassador’s ‘motorcade came under attack within 500 meters of the UK Mission compound in
Benghazi, and less than 2 km from the U.S. Consulate. During the attack, the motorcade’s lead vehicle
was struck with one RPG, inflicting both occupants with non-life threatening injuries – no other injuries
were reported. Small arms fire reportedly followed the RPG attack, indicating there may have been
multiple attackers.  So essentially not only were there requests from Stephens for increased security but there were actual attacks which occurred and their intelligence summations that were no doubt done that should have reached State Department and the Secretary of State along with the President as much as 5-6 months prior to the Benghazi attack.

–(S//NF) Other recent attacks in Benghazi include an improvised explosive device (IED) thrown at the UN
Special Envoy’s motorcade on April 10;9 and a grenade thrown over Consulate Benghazi’s wall on April
—(S//NF) On June 6, Consulate Benghazi was attacked with an explosive device J II but did not cause any injuries….

—Night Watch Log, For the night of 12 September 2012

—Russia: Russia and the United States should cooperate in the fight against terrorism, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on 12 September. The death of US Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens highlights the need for joint efforts between the two countries, along with the entire international community, in combating terrorism in all its manifestations, Lavrov said.

The Russians believe that the threat of Muslim terrorism is genuine, persistent, and global. They judge the lapses in vigilance, as reflected in statements that the war on terrorism is ended, lead to the death of almost irreplaceable American diplomats and their staff.  (Russia has nothing but contempt for Obama’s failed policies in the Middle East and frankly the contempt is deserved.  We all hold blame for this since we did not proactively demand Obama’s removal. Citizens tried but their elections never got results because the Democrats have always managed to hold the edge and power in media and congress.)

Russian tactics are not the same as US tactics against terrorists, but Russian tactics also work. The Russians tend to focus on behavior as much as on religion and ethnicity. They are equal opportunity anti-terrorists-they kill them all. Their approach is based on ancient wisdom… (We might do well perhaps to ditch what isn’t working and consider their methods.)

The normal time for organized, violent Muslim protests is Friday afternoon after prayers. Muslim Brotherhood leaders already have called for “non-violent”, anti-US protests on Friday after prayers. Readers should expect more anti-US protests and no Egyptian security forces.

…What is important is that the Morsi government has not denounced the violence. The US and the US president are vowing to bring justice to the killers in Libya, but the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood government has made no comment or apology. Instead, Morsi’s reaction is to urge the US to punish the US filmmaker.

Comment: There is only a trailer of the film, no film yet, Morsi has not seen it nor have most of the protestors in Egypt and Libya. The riots are flash mobs, arranged and manipulated by others.

NIGHT WATCH Special Comment:  Ambassador Anne Patterson’s “April Glaspie Moment”

Ambassador Anne Patterson, the US Ambassador to Egypt, experienced her ‘April Glaspie’ moment yesterday when she blamed Americans instead of Egyptians for attacking, storming and desecrating the US Embassy in Cairo and the US Flag.

Old hands will remember,” April Glaspie” (diplomat 1988-1990), who was a rising star in the State Department’s constellation of diplomats. Her notorious conversation with Saddam Hussein in early 1990 led Saddam to believe that the US encouraged and condoned an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.  Having worked closely with US officials for a decade in the struggle and war against Iran, Saddam understood that everything after the Gillespie talk was plausible deniability by US President Bush, 41. Glaspie misunderstood and misjudged the Iraqi leadership and the situation in Iraq. Patterson’s operations at the US Embassy in Cairo bespeak a comparable misjudgment of the Egyptian Arab situation, its volatility and the depth of anti-American sentiment. She did not permit US Marine guards to carry live ammunition, according to USMC blogs. Thus she neutralized any US military capability that was dedicated to preserve her life and protect the US Embassy.

In this respect, she did not defend US sovereign territory and betrayed her oath of office. She neutered the Marines posted to defend the embassy, trusting the Egyptians over the Marines.

She (Patterson?) apparently judges that Egyptian President Morsi spearheads a democracy and a new civil order, despite the mounting evidence that Morsi disregards US interests, cavorts with US enemies, is a budding authoritarian ruler who disdains parliament and does not honor the basic obligations of diplomatic agreements and the Geneva conventions…


Libya: …This appears, in fact, to have been a deliberate assassination of an effective diplomat, within the cover of an anti-US demonstration in Benghazi (Remember this report is less than 24 hours after the attack!)

…The website for gateway pundit carries video images of US Ambassador Steven’s body being dragged through the streets of Benghazi by his Muslims miscreant murderers. All mainstream US media failed to report that the Muslim miscreants not only killed the US ambassador, they defiled his body.

NOTE TO ANALYSTS: It is important for intelligence analysts to never forget that the fundamental purpose of US intelligence, as stated in the legislative history of the US National Security Act of 1947, is to keep the US, its persons, property, and its  interests safe. Yesterday, US intelligence apparently did none of them. (But what happens when no matter what they report is considered or reaches the top?)

End of NightWatch for 12 September.


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