Ooops! Looks Like More Hackers Are Getting Into the Fray

Despite the source, their spin on news, or anyone’s thoughts on it — boy is this off-the-charts interesting!


Russian Hackers of DNC Said to Nab Secrets From NATO, Soros

By Michael Riley
August 11, 2016

FBI Expands Hacking Investigation
Hints of a Moscow agenda broader than U.S. elections revealed e-mails before WikiLeaks embarrassed DNC

“Weeks before the Democratic convention was upended by 20,000 leaked e-mails released through WikiLeaks, another little-known website began posting the secrets of a top NATO general, billionaire George Soros’ philanthropy and a Chicago-based Clinton campaign volunteer.

Security experts now say that site,, with its spiffy capitol-dome logo, shows the marks of the same Russian intelligence outfit that targeted the Democratic political organizations.
The e-mails and documents posted to the DCLeaks site in early June suggest that the hackers may have a broader agenda than influencing the U.S. presidential election, one that ranges from the Obama administration’s policy toward Russia to disclosures about the hidden levers of political power in Washington.

It also means the hackers may have much left in their grab bag to distribute at will. The subjects of the DCLeaks site include a former ranking intelligence official who now works for a major defense contractor and a retired Army officer whose wife serves on the USS Nimitz, the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Some of the e-mails go back years.
Open Society Foundations, the Soros group, reported the breach to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in June, said spokeswoman Laura Silber, who added that an investigation by a security firm found the intrusion was limited to an intranet system used by board members, staff and foundation partners.”

Article and video HERE.


Russia, really?  I find it oddly coincidental that even as Obama, UN, Clinton, and others are pushing hard for a war in Europe against Russia that they would also be determined to make Russia the culprit on these hacks.

Whether Russian hackers are involved or not, having email trails of this magnitude if authentic would easily be world shaking news.  Putin has warned for several months now that NWO and the UN are beginning their joint effort to eradicate the world as we know it, either financially or through war, most probably both.  He has also warned that Obama and Clinton’s are up to their eyes in the events pushing the world war ever closer to annihilation.

Given what we have seen from both Obama and Hillary, despite Putin’s own possible agenda, I am more inclined to believe him on this.  That I find really sad and horrific when most of the US citizens have little or no understanding of what is really going on behind closed doors or where the world is being forced to go. This is one of the least trustworthy or transparent executive branches in our history, bar none.

This hack could be a humdinger if it traces Soros, Hillary, and Obama communications or provides proof of hiring and outfitting BLM and Black Panthers. None of the information would ever have seen the light of day had not someone gone the way of Watergate and delved into locked folders and emails. I seriously doubt many mainstream sites would ever risk the liabilities of researching or publishing any of this especially now.

Phew……….Let’s hope it does go viral and becomes part of a massive uncovering of exactly what really is going on before the general election!

I also hope the hackers never get found because I wouldn’t lay a bet on how long they survive.


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8 Responses to Ooops! Looks Like More Hackers Are Getting Into the Fray

  1. I.R. Wayright says:

    As long as they have their finger in our electronic pies, how about if they tell us who ordered all that hollow point ammunition for agencies that shouldn’t even be armed in the first place? (Enough to kill everybody in the country four times.)
    Tell us what all those FEMA camps are actually for.
    The truth is out there………

  2. Uriel says:

    Good one. Last I heard each dept did under table and radar. But u know who ordered it done.

  3. GoHuggaTree says:

    Now THIS is the real Sunday-Feel-Good story.

  4. captbogus2 says:

    I can visualize… in the not too distant future… If we ever get anyone to go to DC with an ounce of brain matter…
    I can visualize once again our nation’s secrets will be delivered by a courier with a locked briefcase handcuffed to his wrist and overseas messages sent via crypto.

    • Uriel says:

      You may well be right. Technology is cool But not when people want to keep matters out of the hands of hackers.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Russia, Israel, and China are strictly paper as there is better security. Nothing gets out unless they want it to. Nothing of their national security is ever sent out by the internet.

  5. Blessed B. says:

    Russia didn’t hack the DNC….it was one guy ( can’t remember his name right now).

    Russia truly doesn’t care who becomes the next President or who the Americans choose. Either way they will deal with it. If it’s Hillary….then how Russia deals with it could end up being catastrophic. If it’s Trump….then I believe there will be dialogue and an understanding between Russia and America.

    Russia did have all of Hillary’s Emails and such when she was SoS…..they understand her better than some Americans! They know she’s a criminal!

    Blaming Russia is just more of the Liberal propaganda that the media so loves to spew!

  6. upaces88 says:

    Hillary Clinton broke the law and put America’s national security at risk by using a private home email server to transmit top secret information.

    Now, we’re just about to find out how serious Hillary Clinton’s crimes were!

    Russia’s Kremlin now has in their possession at least private 20,000 emails from Hillary Clinton’s poorly protected server, and they are debating if they should be released.

    They STUMBLED ONTO these messages while monitoring Romanian computer hacker Lazăr Lehel, who is better known as “Guccifer.” They were watching him closely after he failed to hack into the internet network for Russia’s RT television network.

    While Hillary thought she cleaned off her server and deleted the most damning emails, Russia may release the messages! This changes the 2016 Presidential election in a big way:

    Read more: