The Propaganda News and Why Liars are Losing…

From The Marshal Report


The propaganda news and how it works is so obvious. They lure you in by acting like they are with you then they begin their IV drip of propaganda. Little by little they give you dribbles of truth along with buckets of lies.  Example:  Trump held a rally in Jacksonville, Fl – (This part is true…the actual dribble).  Next they begin pouring their bucket of lies over your head – At the rally Trump said – “lie, lie, lie, bigger lie.”  Next there is a bit left in the bucket so they add more lies like “Hillary Clinton has a ten point lead over Trump.”

In election years past, that used to work… but not anymore. Heck no!  The hard working American people are fed up with false flags, faux media, the establishment and government lies. 

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Anyone who watched the RNC on cable TV and anyone who attended will tell you that what the news said and what took place were two different things. Most didn’t hear half the speeches to know for sure….because the announcers didn’t show all of it.  They were too busy telling you their lies and liar opinions about what they thought of what was taking place.  That is why I watch all these type of events  from C-Span to avoid the liar news rhetoric.  When you watch on C-Span you get to see the entire event without commercials and liar talking heads.


 The truth is  Americans have followed Trump at every event, either being there live or watching a You Tube video of it. They are aware through social media of every major news turn and every tweet. We know what Trump said before the propaganda media can lie about what he said. Therefore , with every lie they tell, the distaste for the media grows more bitter in our mouths. The liars whether they are Hillary puppets or never Trump chumps,  they grow nastier in our eyes with each lie they tell.

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The same with Hillary and her con artists who want our guns, fossil fuels, homes, children’s minds, and as Hillary has stated – send the adults to re-education camps.  Yes, Hillary has said that numerous times. The left is totally out of control and is now coming right out telling us their nasty plans…it appears as though they know they are losing and want to scare us to death with their truth about destroying us.  Almost as though if they can’t win they will just blow us all up.  Yes…that is possible and not so far fetched.  Have you seen these people when they are angry?

  So….keep it up liars- it is the best Trump voter tool ever imagined!


Yep! Total propaganda being spread….not only about the Donald but also about everything else.

Those with some common sense already know that the media is Liberal dominated. The useful idiots for Hillary …well…..let’s just say that having only one working brain cell leaves them swimming without water wings in the shallow end of the Gene pool!

~Blessed B~

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16 Responses to The Propaganda News and Why Liars are Losing…

  1. Popular Front says:

    What is killing – or has killed – the so-called ‘mainstream media’ is the rise of social media and hugely increased internet use for news dissemination. No longer are we prepared to accept the news media’s talking heads at face value but seek out alternative coverage to get the straight dope. That’s what I do. I haven’t watched a commercial news bulletin in years. I stopped reading newspapers for the same reasons.
    As they grow ever more shrill and their bias becomes ever more evident the MSM can see their inevitable demise. They won’t be missed, liars never are.

    • Blessed B says:

      Yep! I haven’t watched the news for years and only occasionally read the news on-line when I need too….and even then I take out the salient points to use for back up info.

      The Liberal minds will miss them…but those of us who have more than one working brain cell won’t.

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  3. captbogus2 says:

    But the years of anti-militarism are still with us because the embedded ‘journalists’ with the military are forever on the lookout for a propaganda coup and the truth be damned.
    They were the front line sources for the left aiding and abetting our loss of South Viet Nam to the communist sphere.

  4. Hardnox says:

    The media abandoned their role as the arbiters of truth immediately after WWII. It could be said they have always been propagandists from the beginning. Now they are simply watercarriers controlled by corporate media CEOs who hobnob with the UniParty elite.

  5. Cam says:

    At what point Blessed B will Trumpers believe the polls? Election day when Hillary is voted President? Little late then don’t cha think?
    I got a question for Trumpers do you think Trump is campaigning like he wants to WIN?

    • Hardnox says:

      I’ve got a better question for you Cam: When will Hillary supporters like you finally wake up and realize that your are championing a criminal?

      • Just Gene says:

        What the hell is wrong with Trumpers? Why do they refuse to believe lies”

        • Blessed B. says:


          I can’t answer that Gene….it totally baffles me also. SMH…..maybe it’s the water? Maybe it’s because common sense is no longer something that most people possess? …..????

      • Blessed B. says:

        LOL! Good one!

    • Blessed B. says:


      Only brain dead folks believe the polls…..clue in to how polls are conducted!

      I can only hope and pray Cam that you will see the light soon! Hillary is a disaster waiting to happen!

      Why anyone would vote for a treasonous criminal for President is beyond me….. Is it that folks like yourself are too stupid to think for yourselves and actually see what that living scuzbucket has done in her history? I’m a Canadian and even I know the criminal activities of the Clintons. Vote Clinton if you wish for this to be the last election the USA will hold! Vote Clinton if you want the USA to crumble and burn like Rome did under Nero.

      I bet though folks like you will be the first ones to try and high tail it to Canada when the SHTF!

      SHAKE YOUR EFFIN” HEAD CAM!!!! …..Do you hear anything? …… I don’t think so…’ve lost even your last marble if you think Clinton would make a better president than Trump.

      BTW…..I’m not a fan of Trump but I can see that he’s the only choice in this presidential race.

  6. Cam says:

    Blessed B, Not going to vote Hillary Clinton but I’m not voting for Trump, either. Trumpers OWN the disaster that is Donald J Trump. Trump will be the reason he loses to Clinton. He’s his own worst enemy, He can’t help himself. When has he campaigned on issues? He’s a 70 year old thin skinned juvenile.

    • Blessed B. says:

      well Cam…that is your choice.

      Just remember…if you don’t vote for the opposing side of is actually a vote in her favor. There is no third choice! YOU will be the reason that Trump loses to Hillary! YOU will be the reason America has finally succumbed to the communists and NWO. YOU and others like you will be at fault.

      At least we’ll know who to blame and point the finger at when America is in her last death throes.

      BTW…..He has campaigned on many issues…..illegal immigration, the muslim issue, are two issues I have heard of myself. He maybe juvenile…..but he does love America and he isn’t a life long criminal who has screwed over America every chance he has gotten….while making millions of dollars from it. He didn’t let Americans die cuz he was busy collaborating with the enemy! He didn’t cause Islamic terrorism to escalate. He didn’t cause the collapse of Libya. He didn’t interfere with any other country’s elections or internal workings.

      I guess some people like criminals running their country and can’t or won’t open their eyes before it’s too late!
      Good luck! JSMH…….

      • Cam says:

        NO Blessed B, Trump didn’t do those things BUT he sure supported the woman who DID. Which is just as bad in my opinion. You know the Bible says not only those who do those things but those who condone those who do are just a guilty.

        Trumpers have put party over principles. Trump may have an R in front of his name but he can’t change his spots. He is still a Liberal Democrat. Trump and his surrogates set out to destroy the GOP and destroy conservatives and take out Ted Cruz. I say let the GOPe BURN to the ground.
        I will not accept responsibility for helping to elect Hillary BECAUSE I VOTED for the RIGHT man who would have been able to compete with Hillary Clinton on ISSUES and on the debate stage and HE LOVES America and the CONSTITUTION and LIBERTY. The Trumpers who COULDN’T SEE off the end of their noses are responsible for TRUMP.
        Oh and those LIES you say the media is telling about Trump, I have no pity for the man and his surrgogates who LIED, LIED, LIED about the other candidates. You know what they say about paybacks. They sure are sweet.

        • Terry says:

          Cam you don’t have a clue of what you are talking about. But you sure can read headlines.
          The so-called “Right man who would have been able to compete with Hillary Clinton on ISSUES and on the debate stage and HE LOVES America and the CONSTITUTION and LIBERTY” got his ass handed to him by the people who saw through all that nonsensical rhetoric he spewed. THUS…let me say this loudly…HE AIN’T RUNNING NO MORE !!
          Get over your butt-hurt self and get with the program.

    • captbogus2 says:

      No, Trump is NOT his own worst enemy. His worst enemy is assholes like you who will throw your vote away on some nondescript 3rd party candidate and in reality giving a vote to Hillary.
      It’s not smart. It’s not ‘intellectual” whatever the hell that is.
      It is just the mark of a fool