Words vs. Deeds


Above image via iOTWreport.

#NeverTrump and their media enablers are cut from the same miserable narcissistic dirty booger-rag cloth. Here’s a bit of advice, via Cold Fury:

No need to get all distressed and handwringy over the media doing what it was always going to do, what it has always done, and what it was going to do regardless of who the Republican nominee was. Remember when Mitt Romney—that nicest of all nice-guy perennial-loser candidates for whom the libtards and Republicrats (pardon the redundancy) now so winsomely yearn—was pushing grannies in wheelchairs off cliffs, deliberately giving female employees cancer, raping companies and destroying entire economies to enrich himself and his greedy-bastard cronies, and murdering his dog by putting it in a rooftop car carrier? If not, you damned well ought to.
This is all just business as usual, folks, the principal difference being that fewer of us than ever are agreeing to get into the van with the nice Republican conman to take some of that candy he’s been offering on our way home from school. Don’t let’s be fooled again, and don’t let yourself be hoodwinked and stampeded by these conniving swindlers again either.

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7 Responses to Words vs. Deeds

  1. Uriel says:


    A stroll through 2012

    I agree totally.

  2. Hardnox says:

    Spot on Zilla.

    Last night I visited RedState at the request of a friend. There was a post cheering a prediction made by Cruz about Trump’s alleged gaffs etc. The piece was a bit of a reach and the comments were filled with vitriol against Trump. The usual drivel.

    I made a polite comment and asked why most of the commenters were so happy about Trump’s alleged gaffs and Hillary’s supposed successes given the choice between a flawed America loving man or Satan’s sister. What happened next was predictable, I got hammered by the most nonsensical idiots that all claim to be conservatives whereas they truly believe that a Hillary win in November paves the path for Ted Cruz in 2020.

    I have not replied to any comments and don’t plan to. No one can convince that kind of stupid.

    It appears that there are many who claim to be on our side that don’t realize they are being played by the UniParty and that we won’t make it to 2020 if Hillary becomes president.

    • Uriel says:

      Man. Those dudes need to lay off their drugs. What about continuation of Obama’s plans and him on the Supreme Court or another 3 court positions open to communist left wing don’t these guys get? By 2020 we will have been plunged into WWIII and total anarchy. Heck look what Obama has accomplished since 1/1/2016 down that road.

      • Hardnox says:

        Yup, my greatest concern is the Supremes. Most, if not all, of our rights hinge on 5-4 decisions. The next prez will more than likely appoint 3,4 or possibly 5 to the SCOTUS. If they are all like Batears’ appointments then game over.

        • Uriel says:

          Hey Hillary “loves” the idea of Obama as a SCOTUS. And nothing in constitution denies him the post. In fact I remember reading where 1 Pres did just that.

    • upaces88 says:

      Those people who hang onto Cruz are highly dsturbing to me. I took the time to lay out 101 reasons never to vote for Cruz.

      Obviously, they didn’t like THE TRUTH of what he had already done + what he would do in the future if elected.