Recent ISIS Related Arrests Tip Of Obama’s JV Iceberg Coming To A Town Near You

These Guys would never have existed if we had a President capable of keeping our country safe. What he neglected in that long ago JV remark is that the main team pulls from the JV’s.

The Clarion Project
August 9, 2016

Recent ISIS-Related US Arrests You Need to Know About
While ISIS is under attack in Iraq and Syria its supporters continue planning attacks across the United States and Western Europe.

North Carolina

Erick Jamal Hendricks, from North Carolina, was arrested on August 4th, 2016 on charges of attempting to recruit people for terrorist attacks in the U.S. in support of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). One of Hendricks’ alleged contacts was a gunman in the 2015 thwarted attack on an exhibition of Mohammed caricatures in Texas.

The Justice Department says Hendricks, who was caught by an undercover FBI informant, was using social media to recruit people. He also allegedly mentioned to a prospective recruit a desire to create a sleeper cell for later attacks in the U.S.



Washington, D.C.

Nicholas Young, a DC Metro cop since 2003, was arrested on August 3rd, 2016 for supplying materials to ISIS. Young, who was on the FBI’s radar since 2010, allegedly met several times with Amine El Khalifi before Khalifi was arrested in 2012 for plotting to carry out a suicide bombing at the U.S. Capitol building.

Later, in 2014, Young began meeting with an informant who convinced Young to travel overseas to join ISIS in Syria, according to the FBI. The FBI was able to begin communicating directly with Young electronically, posing as the informant after Young believed the informant had made it to Syria.

The core charge of material support came from Young allegedly buying gift cards to support ISIS through mobile messaging accounts. He sent the gift card codes to the informant in late July.   (For seven years, while Nicholas Young patrolled the Washington area’s Metro system as a transit police officer, other law enforcement agents were watching him.He was an Islamic convert.  Apparently no photo of him is published only court drawings.)



Gregory Hubbard, Darren Jackson, and Dayne Christian, all from Florida, were arrested on July 22nd, 2016 charges of conspiring and attempting to provide material support and resources to ISIS. According to the complaint,Hubbard first told the FBI informant he was considering joining ISIS on April 11th, 2015.

The two met regularly over the course of the next few months discussing recent terrorist attacks and listening to sermons by Anwar al-Awlaki. Jackson and Christian soon joined to provide guns, ammunition and training as Hubbard prepared to join ISIS. With help from the FBI informant, Hubbard planned his travel to Syria and was arrested after checking in to his flight from Miami. Jackson and Christian were arrested elsewhere.



US AG Office Photo

Akram Musleh, 18, from Indiana was arrested on federal terrorism charges on June 21st, 2016. Court documents show Musleh, a high school student, had made several unsuccessful attempts to join ISIS in Syria. He is known to have done online research regarding the manufacturing of explosives in May of 2016.

Musleh, like many ISIS recruits, used social media to express his affiliation with ISIS. Social media is also the medium through which the FBI initiated and continued contact with Musleh, during which potential routes to ISIS were discussed and propaganda shared.



New York City

US AG photo

Sajmir Alimehmeti a 22-year old from New York City was arrested on May 24th, 2016 for allegedly supporting ISIS. According to a criminal complaint filed by the Department of Justice, Alimehmeti tried to join ISIS twice back in 2014, but both times he was stopped.

What ended up getting Alimehmeti arrested, however, was his trying to help someone whom he believed was an ISIS recruit get to Syria. This supposed recruit was actually an undercover federal agent. Like many other Americans who have been arrested for attempting to join and assist ISIS, Alimehmeti was caught by a federal sting operation.



Just to drive home a point for fog brained liberal do-gooders!

This did not happen in an alternate reality or video game.  No pokemon or war game video pointed them in this direction.  This happened on US soil and could very well have been the death of you or someone you might sit near in a local gathering or event.

These radicalized  jihadists were arrested  on American soil determined to continue terrorism in the US. Color is apparently not a common denominator, age may be since these guys appear to be between 16 and 30,  there appears to be pre-planning and forethought so mental illness can be generally ruled out, isolationism tendencies, feelings of inferiority most assuredly, contact with the others  in a network – no idea but definitely cant be ruled out.  The one common factor is their religion – ISLAM.  

DO NOT explain to me that I should be tolerant of this religion when every one that has been arrested for the last seven years in the US for plotting attacks, carrying out suicide missions, mass killing innocent citizens, or attempting to get transportation out of the US to join that “jv” team has one thing in common EVERY SINGLE TIME.

No Buddhists, No Catholics,  No Christians, No Jehovah Witnesses, No Mormons, No atheists, No Jewish, or any other religion have yet been tracked, investigated, interrogated, arrested, or committed a suicide bombing in seven years on US soil.

Yet, Obama and his followers including mainstream media have made sure to attack all  religions who are not Islam compliant and willing to rollover and accept them unconditionally, most especially Christian and Jewish, as if we are the criminals and must be punished for our beliefs and existence.

This is not the same thing as saving wolves from extinction.  This is not about which religion is better.

This is about a cult that has existed for over a thousand years perpetuating the barbarism of the Dark Ages where women’s only value was breeding and not as thinking partners in life. This is about a religion rampaging , destroying, and killing in gruesome manners as the ultimate way to erase other cultures, subjugate in order to have slaves, and convert the unwilling masses to their beliefs.



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4 Responses to Recent ISIS Related Arrests Tip Of Obama’s JV Iceberg Coming To A Town Near You

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  2. Popular Front says:

    Well if you know who they are, whisk them off to a soundproof cellar, attach the electrodes to the usual sensitive places and lay the rubber hoses and phone books close to hand.
    After a vigorous warmup session (like tenderising meat), let the questioning begin. You will soon have the names of all their associates, converts and fellow travellers.
    Arrest them also. Repeat the process as many times as necessary as you move on up the line.
    Lawyers? Sorry sonny. Civil rights? You don’t have any anymore.
    It is amazing how quickly you can roll up seditious networks just by applying a little brutality in the right places. You are dealing with fanatics who would cut your head off without a second thought so stop pussying about and repay in kind. Today.

    • Uriel says:

      A bit vicious but I really at this point would rather see those even hinted at as speaking out for Sharia and radical be rounded up and returned to a safe hold city in their own country. Maybe then the rest of our people would be safe and they would be in a land and culture more familiar.

    • Hardnox says:

      PF, I second your solutions. Vicious or not. It is the language that these barbarians understand. Being nice only gets more people killed.

      Red is positive – Black is negative.