Ray Heard on Hillary’s Health and Mainstream Media

For those who may not have seen this video, it is spot on. Brian Lilley discusses whether mainstream media is suppressing stories about Hillary Clinton’s fitness for the Presidency, both mental and physical, with long-time journalist and political strategist Ray Heard on August 8, 2016.

I can’t add much more except that Hillary looks like she will win. BTW, could we actually Trust a government doctor to be non-partisan when rendering a medical decision. Screw that!




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5 Responses to Ray Heard on Hillary’s Health and Mainstream Media

  1. Blessed B. says:

    I think Hitlery is having Mini strokes and she could have Parkinsons….

    She is unfit to be President in more ways than one! Putting aside her health issues….the biggest problem with Hitlery is her capacity for criminal activities!

    She’s taking monies from Saudi Arabia for the Clinton organization which she is using to fund her presidential campaign amongst other things. She’s just another traitor and Saudi Puppet…just like the current President.

    Her mental health is an issue cuz she could have a total brain fried moment. Do you really want someone with the capability to start WWIII who isn’t able to keep a level head or her emotions in check?

  2. Blessed B. says:

    I just read that she’s on thyroid medication, she suffers from hypothyroid, low thyroid, that can cause fatigue and gaining weight and all of that.

    So…. her tired spells could possibly be related to her adrenals being burnt out…..or her fainting spells being a part of heart disease due to the Low thyroid hormones…..brain freezes or brain fog as some describe it is also thyroid related.