Khan : No Such Thing As Sharia Law

Looks like Killery has met her equal when it comes to bold-faced liars. This is the same Khizr Khan who said sharia law rules out over The Constitution :



The disgusting deceit by the left is never ending. I give my heartfelt appreciation to their son who sacrificed his life for Our Country. But this “Gold Star Parent” has turned his son’s death into a “Gold Making Opportunity”. It is believed he was paid anywhere from $25,000 to over $300,000 in cash and other compensations for his appearance at the DNC and subsequent events. He is a disgrace to true Gold Star Parents. He and the democrats should be ashamed of their actions by using his son’s death as propaganda for profit and lies.. But they aren’t. They NEVER are.



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6 Responses to Khan : No Such Thing As Sharia Law

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  2. Fellow Patriot says:

    *shakes uncontrollably* “Khaaaaan!!” ~ Captain James T. Kirk

  3. Peppermint says:

    Terry, they have no shame to use any tool possible to make their points which are all lies.

    Did you see where the Orlando shooter’s father of Mateen was in the audience attending one of Hillary’s speeches? She claims she didn’t know he was there but he has a coveted seat right in the back of her.