Pat Condell: Europe’s Last Chance

Europe is on the verge of a civil war and the war has been imported into the continent.

Well stated.  We have the same type of morons in charge here and the remedy is the same.  Jihadi war on our shores has already started yet we’re not allowed to discuss it without being labeled an islamophobe.

Calling out the obvious is called common sense.

Trump 2016.  Our last chance.  Build the wall, enforce existing laws.  Vote like your life depends on it, because it does.

~ Hardnox


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One Response to Pat Condell: Europe’s Last Chance

  1. Uriel says:

    The sad thing in Europe is that it has progressed in less than ten years to the point that civil war may be the only answer left. it seems we may be headed that way as well if we don’t break the cycle here and soon. From the little I have seen, citizens in European countries who do protest are being made to suffer for the atrocities and not immigrants.

    I feel like we are now in a very similar situation as WWII when underground communication and resistance became the only answer to invasion. It is indicative of the magnitude of the problem when the mostly peaceful and normally neutral countries in Europe like Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, and others actually become embroiled in this. I can honestly see in the near future where the landscape returns to post war with burned out buildings, starving inhabitants, and rampant health issues. This time though it will be far worse because not one nation in the world will be unaffected.