Multiple staffers help unstable Hillary Up Stairs: Far More Serious Medical Issues Disclosed

From WhatyouthoughtIwentaway

We need not ask ourselves why this is hidden from us by the so-called, “Mainstream media.”

They have their agenda, I have mine, the truth.




If the analysis in the video below is accurate, the Democrats are in serious trouble.

The questionable health condition of Hillary Clinton should be a major issue of the 2016 campaign.



The latest evidence comes in the form of Clinton being helped up a set of stairs by multiple individuals outside what appears to be a home.

The photos, published by Reuters and Getty, show the 68-year-old candidate with aides holding her arms as she ascends the stairs.


From Red State

If you strip away all the pomp and circumstance surrounding Hillary’s campaign, you’d see an awkward woman who engages in very bizarre behavior, and does as much as possible to make sure she stays in a very controlled, and safe environment.

wish-upon-a-star In all honesty, if it wasn’t for her last name, a friendly media, and her already well established public presence, Clinton wouldn’t really be waging a very good campaign.

Many could chock Clinton’s lack of interaction with pre-cleared media up to the fact that she’s trying to cover up that she has a lot to hide.

Some could say she’s playing a smart campaign by not really saying much, and letting her opponent destroy his own chances at winning. It could be both.

But some actions by Clinton lately have begun to raise questions about it being none of those things.

Between Hillary’s repeated coughing fits, incredibly low energy, and very odd reactions that seem more like she’s overacting worse than Jim Carey, people have begun to question both Hillary’s physical and mental health.

Some speculate that these odd behaviors stem from Hillary’s concussion suffered in 2012, after having another one of her fainting spells. Since then, there have been signs that she hasn’t been quite right.

One solid example is her sudden seizure when reporters asked her questions simultaneously. Clinton tries to play it off, but to little effect.

This is something sometimes caused by stress or overstimulation.

At the end of the D.N.C., I noticed a very odd reaction of Hillary’s to all the things happening around her.

At the time I played it off as her attempting to look like a normal person surprised by all the great things, but after a while I started to wonder.

Her cognitive illness doesn’t stop at seizures and facial tics. In an email from Hillary’s right hand gal, Huma Abedin, mentioned to staffer Monica Hanley that Hillary is “often confused.”

clinton confused email

There’s more. Clinton’s oversleeping during important meetings, odd outbursts of anger, and abusiveness toward those around her as far back as her time as first lady.

It all amounts to a woman who is likely not all there.

Someone who is prone to actions not wholly voluntary.

No matter how you paint it, Hillary Clinton has some issues we should be very concerned about, and the media should be looking very closely into her health.

If she isn’t well, then we’re going to have a President who will often be MIA, or worse, make decisions that defy logic and reason, pulling our nation into directions we don’t want it going.

While speculation about Hillary’s health is nothing new, the recent uptick in concern is noticeable. Especially with all the recent footage of Clinton’s physical oddities.


She’s only 68? Good Ghandi she doesn’t look a day over 120!

It sounds like she maybe having mini strokes….but then again that would mean she actually has more than one working brain cell, which I highly doubt.

Maybe the one working brain cell she does have is just tired, depressed and darn lonely and is having mini conniptions. It must be difficult to be cooped up inside hitlery’s head with only yourself to play with in the dark and then all the nastiness that she requires for it to think up. Talk about inhumane conditions!

~Blessed B~

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4 Responses to Multiple staffers help unstable Hillary Up Stairs: Far More Serious Medical Issues Disclosed

  1. skip says:

    Maybe we will be blessed and God will send her where she is wanted.

  2. Hardnox says:

    We could all easily bet the media won’t even mention this. Trump needs to but only after carefully contemplating who to do it. The media will jump all over him for attacking a grandma that survived sniper fire in Bosnia.

    Bob Dole fell off the stage reaching to shake hands during his campaign in ’96 and the media never shut up about it. It killed his campaign.

    Done correctly Trump could kill the Beast’s campaign as well over this. She hasn’t been healthy in years.

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    “we’re going to have a President who will often be MIA, or worse, make decisions that defy logic and reason, pulling our nation into directions we don’t want it going.”

    Deja vu, eh?

  4. Terry says:

    She is becoming more and more like a subject in a William Peter Blatty novel. She is scary.
    Compared to 70 yr old Trump, there’s no contest fitness wise. Imagine Killery doing this :