Clinton medic caught with Diazepam injector in hand

Clinton medic caught with Diazepam injector in hand, a common drug for treating seizures and convulsions.

From Milo Yiannopoulos’ Twitter feed:


Yeah, Hildabeast and Batears keep yapping about Trump’s unsuitability.  They need to buy a mirror.

Notice her doc is no more than a few feet away during these pics.  What’s that tell you?

The Clot is in trouble.  Stick a fork in her, she’s done.

~ Hardnox

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  2. Adrienne says:

    I’m reserving judgement on that photo, Hardnox. Something looks off about it. Why would he be walking down the back hall of the convention center, surrounded by people, with a injector in plain sight? Like you, I’ve pretty much thought from the beginning that he was not a secret service person. The other question is why they would have picked a fluffy black guy to be her handler and/or doctor?

    It’s also startling that in the “freeze” video this guy actually pushes away two secret service guys who are on the stage. Now that’s weird. Are we setting up Hillary for an assassination attempt?

    • Hardnox says:

      Excellent points Adrienne. I thought the same too but Hillary could drop any second and ya just can’t be too ready from his perspective. 🙂

      I know a beekeeper who is allergic to bee stings and keeps an epipen hanging from around his neck. Just sayin.

      Btw, any pic with Hillary in it is wrong. It’s a violation of our visual rights.

    • Although they work in concert, medical supersedes physical security when it comes to politicians.

  3. OMG I can’t imagine having killary die in office and Kaine taking over! I thought when I had Kaine as a Governor years ago and then moved back to Virginia to have him as a Senator that I was done with him when I moved back to NC – but to think of this evil man as POTUS is terrifying!

  4. Popular Front says:

    I noticed that big guy in other pictures of Hideous Hillary. I just assumed he was a security goon. This is raising some interesting aspects for your election and a vision of Clinton being stored at night on a trolley Hannibal Lecter-style with jump leads at the ready for next days media calls comes to mind.

    • Hardnox says:

      As it turns out the big guy is part of her Secret Service detail according to other reports I have read. I didn’t know their job was to by an EMT as well. Apparently he is her shadow and the top guy in her protection.

      • Blessed B. says:


        I don’t think one needs to be an EMT to provide an Epi-Pen injection…..If he’s had some training in emergency medical situations then he probably was selected to be her body guard and the one designated to be the one that gives her mouth to mouth resuscitation if needed.

        Lucky Hitlery! Reminds her of her youth when she used to bed down black youth! Talk about regressing to a second childhood!

        • Mouth to mouth”? Did you have to give me THAT visual, too?

          BRB….I’ve gotta puke again….. and change my shorts…. never mind!

          OMG! I’ll be in the shower “evacuating”.

          Thanks, BB…………………….NOT!

    • Uriel says:

      Oooh. Talk about what a scary movie plot that would make. Oh but wasn’t there one where just the brain lived on — ewwww. Grab the Clorox to wipe that out of my brain😁

  5. GunnyG says:

    Her ego will keep her in until it is too late and after Trump crushes her in the debates, it’ll be game over.

    • Hardnox says:

      Remids me of the story, later a movie, “portrait of Darian Grey” about a rich dude who had a portrait painted of himself.. He made a deal with the devil that all his evil deeds would be reflected on the painting until such time the painting was destroyed.

      It appears that someone has been tampering with Hildabeast’s portrait.

  6. Zilla says:

    She has had secret service since Bill was a candidate, don’t ex-POTUSes & their families get SS protection for life? So maybe this big dude has been around for a long time with her (and knows she needs “special” care)?
    I think her well documented consumption of large amounts of alcohol is catching up to her – look up “Wet Brain” – and her big top Mao suits attempt to conceal a belly enlarged by fluid retention from liver disease.

    • Hardnox says:

      Yes, ex’s and their spouses get S.S. protection for life. I don’t know if that extends to the kids too for perpetuity but definitely for a number of years.

      Good point about the big dude. He must not be too bright for putting up with all that abuse, or he’s afraid for his life.

      I don’t doubt the “wet brain” condition or your speculation about the mao suits. I know she wears depends and shits herself during her coughing fits (I got that tidbit from my retired SS buddy). The Clinton’s are known for doing a lot of coke too. Bill looks like a drunk with that Rudolf nose of his. He looks like death too.

      It’s entirely likely we’ll be rid of them both before too long and at their own doings. Tomorrow would be good, they’re both so damn evil.

  7. Peppermint says:

    HN, Diazepam is Valium which most doctors stopped using years ago because of the bad side effects of this drug. The drug causes memory loss, confusion, shaking, slurred speech, dizziness, fainting and unsteadiness on the feet. This may be the cause of her recent videos showing these effects. Or not. But she apparently is receiving large doses of this dangerous drug.

    Or she may have Parkinson’s disease as some have speculated. But nobody really knows.

    She is also having effects from her falls and concussion, which according to some sources I read she was in hospital for 6 months. If that is true, she had an extremely severe blood clot on the brain which has diminished her mental and physical health.

    I read she is on Warfarin which is the usual drug used as an anti-coagulant but this would not cause these side effects. Most likely she is tested for her blood INR every day which is a simple test. A small prick of the finger and a cell phone size machine which monitors where her INR is. The safe range is 200 to 300.

    She also has a large hole on her tongue where something was removed, probably a cancerous growth usually caused by an STD. It is said she could have gotten this easily through Bill or one of her female lovers. In any event no one knows what stage the cancer is in.

    Whatever the cause her brain functioning is diminished. She needs long periods of rest and sleep. That is why we don’t see her for days on end.

    The only good part of his is she could very well freeze up during a debate with Trump.

    • “The only good part of his is she could very well freeze up during a debate with Trump.”

      As much as I’d enjoying this happen, how would the elections go if it did? Would the DNC re-instate Bernie or be forced to choose another? Would Heins (?) take her place?

  8. Hardnox says:

    Thanks for the information Pepp. I know very little about drugs beyond aspirin.

    As you’ve read from me before, I have a high school buddy that was in the WH during BJ’s 8 years as a Secret Service agent, He was with them everyday. He told me a lot of interesting stories about the two of them least of which is their harcore use of drugs and alcohol. It’s no small wonder why she is in the shape she’s in now.

    • Peppermint says:

      HN you’re quite welcome. Most of my info comes from being a nurse years ago in my first career. So I know a lot about drugs and medical conditions. I have to say if she was in the hospital for a concussion for 6 months that had to be one hell of a knock on her head. I suspect something worst, more serious. Most concussions are not that severe.

      Yeah, I know you have that friend who told you stories and I don’t doubt for one moment Hillary is a lush. Maybe she was in treatment for alcohol abuse. LOL!

      No it is no small wonder she’s in the shape she is. I’ve never seen a woman her age have to be helped up the stairs. Those large doses of Valium could cause that problem. That doctor is a fraud giving her that drug since it is so dangerous and it’s addicting. Just what she needs is another drug addiction.

      I’ve read the stories about her and Bill in the WH and it must have been torture for those around her with all her rages, screaming, etc. She sounds like a nutcase.

      • Blessed B. says:


        Perhaps she had a brain hemorrhage? the six months stay could have been due to giving her daily therapy afterwards so she could function?

        • Peppermint says:

          Blessed B, AVM’s as brain hemorrhage is called occur in young people up to about 40 yrs. old. It’s unlikely she had that.

          Since she is using Coumadin (warfarin) most likely she had a clot on the brain or a clot somewhere. Coumadin would never be used with a hemorrhage.

          But the concussion if serious enough would have long term effects like some of the things we are seeing happen. I just saw a video dated 8/8/2016 where she froze up again and lost her train of thought.

          I wish we really knew the facts. But, I’m sure we never will. She’ll have those records sealed up so tight if she can get away with it.

        • Peppermint says:

          Blessed B, her doctor has a report you can see and she is claiming Hillary has dementia.

          This is not the only site I’ve seen this document.

          • Blessed B. says:

            Does Dementia cause fainting spells? What about mini-strokes?

            • Peppermint says:

              It’s possible that a stroke caused the dementia, but not always.

              Yes fainting can occur, memory loss, difficulty finding words, reasoning or problem-solving, complex tasks, coordination of motor functions, confusion, disorientation.

              Motor function may be why she needs help getting up stairs as that one picture showed.

              Long term use of a lot of alcohol can be a cause. Also not being hydrated which happens with the alcohol use.

              But most often in these cases there may be no known cause.

              On the fainting issue it could be also the high levels of Valium she’s getting.

            • Peppermint says:

              Blessed B, can you imagine this woman being president? With all of her problems with dementia? I don’t see how she could possibly handle a job such as that one. She can’t solve difficult problems for one thing. God only knows there are so many difficult problems being president.

              I suspect that once she was president she’d have to be removed from office for these problems. Then that horrible Keane would take over.

              Or Bill would just do the job for her while lying about what’s wrong with her or why she isn’t at a certain place or time. The whole thing is just one horrifying situation.

              And she has the nerve to say you can’t trust Trump with the nuclear button. She’s really lying there since the president can’t push a button without a number of protocols are in place beforehand.

              Maybe (hypothesizing) this is why she had the forces who were ready to go into Benghazi to change their clothes or not 4 times. She couldn’t function in solving this problem which was only in her mind anyway.

              • If she can’t handle the stress of an interview or a simple walk up the stairs, how can she possibly be considered “fit” to command a nation in a crisis situation? It’s unconscionable!
                Voting for her, inevitably, is a vote for Haines, as it won’t be long before he NEEDS to take her place. THAT is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

                I’m not sure about “dementia”; perhaps demOntia…

                • Peppermint says:

                  HEA well she is a Demon too. Nothing about her is acceptable including having someone take over as president when she finally has lost all her senses.

              • Blessed B. says:

                Nope….I can’t see her as President! It would be a horror story! The last 8 years would look like a Sunday Picnic in contrast!