On the Heels of DNC Spin on Trump Organization

DNC wants us to forget the shake up of their management and practices slight-of-hand by slinging mud on Trump’s campaign group. It won’t work this time because we are tired of their trick pony act.

Rumors have been pouring out of mainstream media and the DNC about a “massive Trump shakeup in players” and the sinking of the RNC. But in the last seven days since the convention a lot of people have been broadcasting things that are fact not fiction at the DNC headquarters thanks in part to the Wiki Leaks shake up just before the convention doors opened.

First, reactions from Democrats who attended or lived in Philadelphia certainly have painted a far different spin that the DNC would have anyone believe.  For instance, while vulture media waited and swooped in on every altercation or demonstration outside the RNC, media conveniently hid that the DNC was in far greater trouble outside.

Catherine J. Frompovich wrote “If you watch the nightly news and listen to the radio reports from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, one would think it’s a huge success. Don’t believe media reports.  There are protests all over the city!  Furthermore, the DNC is a bust, as almost half of the convention goers walked out of the convention after being threatened, according to reports from those who witnessed it.”

Second, what leaked out of the convention was that a well-oiled, orchestrated machine choreographed and filmed the perfect acceptance film of fiction.

Remember these?










Third, we learned CEO Amy Dacey, CFO Brad Marshall and top spokesman Luis Miranda left office in the DNC hierarchy right after the convention. The shake up came just as the party needed to focus on the general election contest.  Ms. Brazile, who stepped up after Debbie Wasserman Schultz left, offered praise for Ms. Dacey, Mr. Marshall and Mr. Miranda.  The party also said Tom McMahon, a past DNC executive director to lead the organization’s transition team “to help position the party for the general election and prepare for the permanent party chair.”

Fourth, was the ranting campaign from DNC over Russia being behind the email leaks which was splashed across the world.  Not only did it anger Putin but it certainly did not help the tattered remains of our country’s  reputation since Obama began in office.  Trump making the sarcastic remark about Russia and emails simply played into their narrative.

Watching kids in grade school pointing fingers anywhere but at themselves on a visceral level is reasonably cute.  Watching grown politicians and news people blathering on about something in a similar way is not.  Putin’s curt response to keep our politics within our country was warranted and probably an accurate portrayal of what most other countries think of our politics.

President Obama said Tuesday that Moscow could face “certain proportional penalties” if the U.S. confirms that Russia is behind the hacking.  For once he makes it appear on the surface that waiting until facts are in is important.  He commented, “I don’t want to get out ahead of the legal evidence and facts that we may have in order to make those kinds of decisions.”

When it comes to anyone other than US citizens, it seems he believes caution is the watchword when speaking. Interesting given his quick responses to gun issues and Black lives matter rather than addressing that everyone wait till the facts are determined in internal chaos issues. We have learned to the detriment of the peace in our country that type of caution does not advance his agenda.

The president said the episode isn’t likely to affect the difficult relationship between the U.S. and Russia. Well no it can’t, since he has made sure that the world’s perception of the presidential office and our country is straight down the toilet.  Seven and a half years of Obama’s marshmallow gut and transformational agenda have not guaranteed anyone a safer world and have in fact created a far greater level of dissension and unrest.

Putin has his own plans and treaties going because he knows that Obama cannot be trusted to back up allies nor lead together with other countries in an effort to stop chaos around the world.  Regardless of who is pulling strings or what the ultimate goal is, our world can not survive as it is going now with religious zealots, immature minds, or coldly calculating black hearts in charge.

The deliberate tweaking of the tail of the bear by the UN and Obama is aimed at one thing, escalating war activities.  One can only presume those inciting anger are doing it to advance an agenda of world war the likes of which no one will survive unscathed, not even the elite.

Hillary Clinton, Obama, and their thugs championing of rogue Dark Ages radicals in the Middle East, full-scale insertion of these elements into western civilization, and supplying of arms and funds to their causes created this mess as surely as the imams and greed of the clerics in their quest for an Islamic ruled world.

Democrats, RINOS, and media information giants are just as guilty as the Obama zombies. They acquiesce to every script, thinly veiled command, or jokingly spoken lie that both Hillary and Obama make. Google, Facebook, and news outlets all follow a script sent to them daily even as they censor like good comrades those things which the elite think unacceptable. Hitler would have been pleased by the core socialist machine at the top in our government.


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13 Responses to On the Heels of DNC Spin on Trump Organization

  1. Hardnox says:

    The only trick they have in their bag is to smear Trump. What they have orchestrated against him is total bullshit and people know it. They can’t run on “we suck, vote for us”. The last 8 years have been a disaster and everyone feels it.

    The dishonesty of the D’s has been exposed. They are now naked. It’s their own making.

    The fake bounce in the polls is simply fake. It’s been reported that they are oversampling dims. Plus the dims have hired youngsters to man computer banks and fill out surveys.

    Look at Hillary’s rallies compared to Trump’s. Dozens vs thousands.

    The real poll will be November 8.

    I’m looking forward to the next Wikileaks dump. Hillary will definitely “short circuit” then.

    • Uriel says:

      Exactly Hardnox! The Dems are completely socialist communist now. Any RINOS who say they will vote Hillary need eliminated as turncoats.

  2. Uriel says:

    Btw. Anyone who might have a lingering doubt on where Dems political views fall even now. Check out WND’s latest article. The communists are enthusiastically endorsing Hillary.

  3. GoHuggaTree says:

    History has shown repeatedly that progressives are never happy. No matter what gains they win or coerce out of civilized people, it’s never enough. And history also shows that a nation at rest eventually wakes up and reacts to nauseating progressive over-reach, and slaps the bastards down for a while.

    American voters did it to Woodrow Wilson. They likely would have done it to FDR on account of his ruinous economic policies if WW2 had not erupted. American citizens did it to the Nazis and the old-school Soviet commies. And American voters will do it to Obammy and his cohorts in just a few short months. Hell, even metrosexual millennials get tired of wading in the river of leftist shit after a while.

  4. Blessed B says:

    “The deliberate tweaking of the tail of the bear by the UN and Obama is aimed at one thing, escalating war activities. One can only presume those inciting anger are doing it to advance an agenda of world war the likes of which no one will survive unscathed, not even the elite.”

    Sorry to say but the War would last only 17 mins. with Russia doing multiple strikes on both Coasts of America from the safety of their subs which can’t be detected by sonar. The EMP’s from those strikes will render America unable to communicate with anyone inside America. DC will be a 1500 ft. crater filled with salt water as the tsunami comes in from the Atlantic.

    No one else in the world is going to try to come to America’s defense by declaring war on Russia once the USA is decimated so rapidly to a pile of rubble. Who else has the capabilities? NO ONE!

    No Russian boots on the ground and not a single bullet fired……

    • Popular Front says:

      Sounds horrible to be sure but it will never happen. Keep the letters M A D in mind, they stand for Mutually Assured Destruction. Suppose those subs DO launch on the USA, the missiles don’t instantly hit, they fly up onto their ballistic arc before releasing their MIRVs, giving NORAD ample time to respond in kind. Washington a crater? Moscow will be a fair exchange, along with St.Petersburg, Minsk, Pinsk, Omsk and Tomsk among others.

      To go to war you need a clearly definable objective and there must be ‘spoils’ otherwise the whole thing is pointless. To start a nuclear war which will annihilate both sides is craziness of the first order and will not happen.

      A high-yield nuke on downtown Mecca during the Hadj is the most likely future use of nuclear weapons, just to remind the sand people who has the biggest guns in our little world.

      • Blessed B says:

        NORAD can’t track the missiles from the subs…they don’t go high enough. NORAD is only for tracking inter-Ballistic missiles that nobody uses any more. The Russian missiles all have next generation stealth technology. The newer, newer ones currently being tested, have the next, next generation of stealth technology and they fly faster!

        Even if the US could track them they couldn’t hit them as they are too quick! As I said…..WWIII would be over in about 17 mins.

        You don’t have second strike capabilities. Russia is not in any danger of that. Both sides will not be annihilated by any means. Russia would still be intact.

        You didn’t hear that the Pentagon sent a spokesman to Texas recently to talk to the Sons of Texas group. He told them not to be rattling the bear’s chains as the USA could not defend itself against Russia.

      • Uriel says:

        I vote we herd all the Middle East fighters back within their borders, surround the whole area with world troops and let them fight it out (after making sure those who want safety are out of harms way.). Winner take all. Then if that group still persists in its attitude open fire. The world is too unstable to let off nukes.

    • Uriel says:

      I don’t see it really. Putin has his eye on world domination maybe but more intelligence than that. With the internal tick of volcanoes and the stupidity of some world leaders the whole world would be one mighty bomb.

      • Blessed B says:

        Putin isn’t worried about world domination…he is focusing on Russia and his people. That domination thing is cold war propaganda.

        He will go in to help fight off mercenaries that are trying to bring down another country, like Syria….but Assad invited him in. Putin didn’t just go in.

  5. Uriel says:

    Maybe Blessed but I think we are referring to two separate definitions of domination. I am talking power and finance. Yes, I do think he wants and relishes that. War with actual weapons, I think he is far to intelligent to recklessly go down that street. He is what our government should be–walk tall, speak quietly, but carry a big stick which will be used in defense or to back up position. Nothing wrong with bringing the populace into prominence after such economic downturn that is what any leader would do. I simply believe that given historical performance, Russia has a far more restrictive means, more frightening method of compliance, and less freedom for its citizens.

    • Blessed B. says:

      Putin wants power and finance for his country. They suffered much under communism. One can’t really go on historical performance of Russia while it was under socialism. One has to look at the NEW Russia under Putin and Medeved’s leadership. They have embraced capitalism. They got rid of welfare and most of the blacks they had either moved to Ukraine or the USA…..overnight practically.

      You say though that Russian citizens have less freedom? Less freedom than whom? America? What freedoms do you believe they do not have that Americans have?