Russian Scholar Absolutely Buries CNN Liberal Commentator

Russia scholar Stephen Cohen shuts down CNN shill host who tries to link Trump to Putin


I cheered as I heard Stephen Cohen as he ripped into the whole political crap! He nails it to the wall not so much for Trump as against both parties.




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5 Responses to Russian Scholar Absolutely Buries CNN Liberal Commentator

  1. upaces88 says:

    There are probably more…this was my first ti​m​e to research to find out what countries like Trump:

    India, Palestine, Israel, Russia’s Putin,
    Israel feels the Love fo Trump:
    Israel Video:

  2. upaces88 says:

    I am sure you, more than likely, already know this. Your readers may not have seen it yet.

    There are those who work hard to place Trump in a conspiracy against OR WITH Russia just isn’t so.

    Russia is very pro-Trump because they see hope or for the U.S. to flourish again with a great leader.

    Do you remember the Bundy and Hammond Ranchers? There was Uranium on their ranches Clinton SOLD to Russia in order to have $ for her campaign run.
    And, as far as I know, those poor men are still in prison…for what? What did they do wrong!?

    • Uriel says:

      Agreed. They were pushed and hounded to the point they saw no other recourse but to take a stand. We only saw the culmination at the point it made news. We did not know all of the history behind their actions except for a few willing to check back not in mainstream where it should have been but on social media.

  3. Blessed B. says:

    Okay….first off…Russia doesn’t really care who wins the USA election. Who ever it is, Trump or Hillary, they will be informed of what or how Russia will or will not work with them.

    Russia did not hack DNC emails! They do have all the emails from Hillary’s server when she was SoS as she was then in with the Obama regime.

    Putin does not want the Baltic states! Fear mongering and propaganda by the USA.

    Putin did not invade Crimea either! Russia has military bases in Crimea that have nuclear weapons and Putin put in more troops to protect the bases….plain and simple!

    Putin does not want Ukraine and never crossed the border into the Ukraine. Russian troops were on the Russian side of the Border to prevent anyone ( namely Obama backed Rebels) from slipping out of Ukraine and taking refuge in Russia and causing chit!

    The USA better stop it’s sabre rattling though and it’s lies about Russia and Putin….Russia has two subs off each of the Coasts ( East and West) which can not be tracked by sonar. Each of these subs carry 20 nuclear missiles which have 20 – 20 megaton warheads. In other words….WWIII would be over in about 17 mins and no Russian boots on the ground! Six months are so afterwards….they would send someone to ask for the USA’s surrender……

    If Hillary gets the POTUS position… would be prudent to build that bomb shelter in the middle of the country! Move away from the Coasts!

  4. Blessed B. says:

    Putin says we are on the brink of WWIII. Dr. Paul

    Putin’s Urgent Message to the West