Attorneys Rules Of Conduct Now Painted In Rainbow Colors

The ABA Plan to Politically Purify the Legal Profession

The Federalist Society
by Bill Olsen, Herb Titus
August 2, 2016

Article HERE.

Justice Samuel Alito got it right. Dissenting from the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision and responding to the majority’s reassurance that those who oppose same-sex marriage would have their “rights of conscience … protected,” Justice Alito cautioned:

We will soon see whether this proves to be true. I assume that those who cling to the old beliefs will be able to whisper their thoughts in the recesses of their homes, but if they repeat those views in public, they will risk being labeled as bigots and treated as such by governments, employees, and schools. [Obergefell v. Hodges, No. 14-556 (June 26, 2015) (emphasis added).]…

At the top of the list of the lesbian, the gay, and the bisexual, the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility Final Report celebrates the “transgender,” inserting that category alongside sexual orientation to make room for “gender identity,” which the Standing Committee’s report tells us includes “‘gender expression,’ encompass[ing] persons whose current gender identity and expression are different from their designations at birth.” Id. at 13 .

…in its final report that will come before the ABA House of Delegates at its August 2017 meeting, the section assuring the protection of constitutionally protected activities has been erased. There is no acknowledgment that First Amendment activities are to be respected, much less protected. And, in the final report, the requirement that a violation be “knowing” has also been deleted, to equip the bar better to root out even subconscious bias and prejudice in the legal profession.

America’s lawyers have been warned. The ABA is taking the gloves off, looking for a knockout blow in round one of its plan to “purify” politically the legal profession.

Read the memorandum from the ABA HERE.


I recently read a blog from a site that actually highlighted the ways that Obama has made sure that his “legacy” lives on after he leaves office. This is one of them.

Consider this – Obama was not content to raze buildings or ignore laws.

Over the years whenever Obama began a crusade on topics, most people were unaware that his henchmen had already taken pilot cases to court and got rulings, some of which made it to the Supreme Court. These rulings are now on the legal books.  Unless challenged and struck down, their case decisions will become the citations on legal arguments for many years to come.

For instance military chaplains felt that bite a year before the major push began to shove them out of the military rank and file. Then there are numerous military notices of early retirements, challenges on religion, women and gay rights, uniforms, code of conducts, and draw down of troop numbers.

Cases on illegal immigrants, refugee rights, budgets, and several other things were carefully plotted then stealthily put into operation. He had his minions work overtime to push forward on his agenda from State Department, DoJ, IRS, EPA, BLM and other alphabet agencies under his executive control.

People tend to forget how FEMA representatives were reported in Russian papers as having represented Obama and signed some sort of national emergency contingency agreement in 2013. It was dialed back in tone and the troops to be dispatched were disavowed; but, interestingly for Jade Helm conspiracy theorists, the map and the number of troops in the European Union article were very similar to that exercise.

He has addressed and sent information to the United Nations building a case for the irresponsibility, inequality, bias, Islamophobia, chaos even as he offered his considered opinion that the United States needs to comply with international interference and laws from the UN.  So much so has his hints and observations taken root in the minds of UN officials that they believe it their right to issue edicts and “carefully worded lawful” orders regardless of our constitutional laws.

His abuse of executive orders, memoranda, and directives are another arrow in his bag of tricks. Then there were all the catchphrases which roared across the media from Islamophobia to LGBT and Black Lives matter rhetoric that fringe hate groups have become the darlings and those who object been decried as hatemongers.  Then there is the censorship of other words with which to identify or erase subject areas he focused on.

To me it would be ironic that the very group who persists in supplying courts everywhere with multitudinous suits against everything from the name on a shirt to the heat in a spilled coffee cup is now hit with the same purification of their own rules of conduct, if the matter were not so serious as attempting to effectively eliminate the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment even from those who are to argue constitutional and federal law before a court who’s judges take an oath of office to adhere to rule of law and constitution.

Frankly I am sick of Obama’s “legacy”.  I am furious that we have been overruled, subverted, disenfranchised, frightened, infuriated by big government takeover of states rights, and made to feel like third class citizens in our own country.  

The constitution and rules of law uphold the rights of all citizens not just elite classes well enough without thousands of pages of words to get across their meaning and with way more intelligent, mature attitudes than today’s money-grubbing, ideologically motivated RINOS or Democrat president and presumptive president could hope to achieve even if they were themselves 200 years old.  

We are a nation of citizens and naturalized citizens who came to live a different life having embraced the new country and its laws.  We are not a borderless country.  We are not without problems that need to be addressed but for all our faults we are FAR, FAR better than any country currently under the thumb of Islamic law or socialist rule.

At least for now, we are fairly well fed and have most of our rights, not being rounded up as dissidents or imprisoned for speaking out, not being auctioned off in the town squares as sex or work slaves, not missing limbs or being put to death for stealing or for wearing inappropriate clothing, not being stoned or raped en mass by Neanderthals, and not quite yet forced to abide by the elite’s capricious whims.


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6 Responses to Attorneys Rules Of Conduct Now Painted In Rainbow Colors

  1. upaces88 says:

    What I am going to quote is true; and very crude.

    Years ago, when I was in Graduate School, a friend and I took turns driving. She had a daughter who decided that she liked women and men. She argued with her mother.

    The mother snapped back: “No, you are not Bi-Sexual. You’re just a bitch that will do anything or anyone to feel good.”

    As crude as it was…I do think she nailed it.

    • Uriel says:

      I think a lot of those on fringe LGBT are exactly that Upace. There has Never been a century where some of the disenfranchised or bored upper classes have not done something similar. The difference is it was done quietly because it carried the death penalty if practiced publicly. What we see now is a level of low so far down because this Potus made it so.

  2. Hardnox says:

    I am beyond sick and tired of all this LGBT alphabet shit. It was designed to wreck our societal underpinnings and the fabric that holds us together as a nation.

    This is just more more brick being removed from a keystone arch.

    The sad part is that most Americans don’t even know what their rights are anymore thanks to the idiotic education systems we have and in large part the media for not mentioning our rights in the first place. We are fed bullshit 24/7 and programmed to be concerned about menial things and events while our liberties and legacy are being stolen away.

    “Hey, look over there at that shiny object” all the while they’re stealing your wallet.

  3. Zilla says:

    A couple of years ago my kid came home from school with a flyer celebrating Constitution Day. The flyer “explained” what some of the Amendments are, notably, it said that the 1st Amendment protected speech so long as it wasn’t offensive or hurtful. Seriously. We became a homeschool family shortly thereafter.