Brazil Arrests Terror Cell Ahead of Olympic Games

From the Clarion Project:

Brazil has enhanced its security cooperation on counter-terrorism with the United States ahead of the Olympic Games, which begin in Rio de Janeiro Friday, August 5.

Brazilian police have been training alongside the FBI and specialized American counter-terrorism units in order to ensure the country is prepared for the security challenges of the games. Brazil has so far not suffered any major terrorist threat and, as a consequence,its security forces were underprepared for the scale of the Olympics, which jihadist groups have threatened to attack.

Dozens of Brazilian officials flew to the United States to train with American forces and to observe how the U.S. guards major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, according to the New York Times.

In late July, Brazilian counter-terror police arrested a cell of 12 would-be terrorists who were plotting to mount an attack against the games, as reported by CNN. Ten were reportedly arrested initially followed by two later arrests.

Police were able to catch the cell by monitoring communications on the messaging service WhatsApp. The group called  itself the “Defenders of the Shariah.”

“It was an amateur cell without any planned preparation,” Justice Minister Alexandre de Moraes said of the cell.

The group reportedly attempted to purchase weapons online, something Moraes said no professional group would do and had not got beyond the early planning stage when they were arrested.

The arrests followed the discovery of an Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL) affiliated group in Brazil also in July, which was disseminating ISIS propaganda using the encrypted messaging service Telegram.

One such message distributed by the group read, “Lone Wolf from anywhere in the world can move to Brazil now. Visas and tickets and travel to Brazil will be very easy to get inshallah.”

Another message read, “If the French police cannot stop attacks on its territory, training given to the Brazilian police will not do anything.”


The Games begin tomorrow.  Brazil is steeped in corruption and the government is in total turmoil with the recent impeachment of their president.  Security contractors have been fired for not hiring sufficient personnel and have been replaced by the Brazilian army.  Airport security have been on strike for not getting paid, and then of course Brazil is ground zero for the Zika Virus.

Gee… what could go wrong?

Meanwhile, the world’s leaders are telling everyone that islam has nothing to do with terrorism yet everyone is bracing for islamic terrorism.

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2 Responses to Brazil Arrests Terror Cell Ahead of Olympic Games

  1. upaces88 says:

    Thank you! At least one country is keeping watch!!

  2. Uriel says:

    This whole Brazil Olympics from start to Zika then terrorists has been a major headache. In one way I have to admire Brazil’s “The Show Must Go On” attitude but my word it has been difficult. Even the Russian drug problem has terrible stress factors.