The Smell Of Democrat

fear and desperation is a wonderful smell.

The Democrats are in full “shart” mode right now and they have good cause to be. One, the polls show Donald Trump ahead of Clinton by a couple of points and if the media actually told the TRUTH, The Clot would be so far behind as to be laughable but then by keeping the polls close it serves the Left in two ways. One, it keeps their morale up and two, makes it easier for voter fraud in the end when bazillions of ballots are “found” and the election stolen, like in 08 and 12. But the Gunny digresses.

Why will The Clot lose?

1.  BLM. She pandered to these idiots and they have morphed into a loud, violent, moronic black nationalist group, now demanding reparations, in a time when most Americans are suffering from “negro fatigue,” i.e., BLM, Ferguson, Jesse Jackson, Al Charlatan, Obama, and on and on.

2.  Email scandal. The recent release was bad but the next cycle has been touted that “Hillary will be arrested,” but we all know that a corrupt DOJ led by a corrupt racist and a Clinton apologist (Comey) who has been doing the Clinton’s bidding since Pardongate won’t do a damn thing about it and that is what will piss off millions more Americans, driving them into the Trump camp.

3.  Debates. Rest assured that Trump is going to savage Hillary on stage, in front of the whole world, until she fills her Depends, starts crying, has a seizure, and screeches, “at this point, what difference does it make?” Hillary is serially stupid and has zero knowledge of things that bother most Americans, i.e., economics, jobs, foreign policy, and Trump is going to slice and dice her like she’s a tomato and he is a Ginzu knife!

4.  War on Coal.  Trump is going to start off with approximately 164 Electoral votes from the Red States and states like Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, hurting from Obama’s and Hillary’s War on Coal, will go for Trump as he states that mining will recommence on 20 January 2017! Moreover, states like Michigan, which has lost jobs thanks to Bubba Clinton’s NAFTA and corrupt Democrat leadership for decades, will go Trump. Toss in other states like Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin, all of which have suffered under Obama, and Trump racks up 270 fast.

5.  Immigration. Once upon a time the Liberal media cackled about Hispanics against Trump because of his anti illegal alien stance and his “build the wall and make Mexico pay for it” spiel but LEGAL immigrants flocked to Trump, which shocked the Dems and their media allies. Thus time to keep the false narrative of Khan in the news as long as possible. Americans want a strong border and illegal aliens of all stripes OUT and Trump is on the right side of the issue and The Clot, a bought and paid for whore, a globalist, and an open borders advocate is not. Americans see it and take note.

6.  Jobs. A pretty simple equation here. Trump has created thousands of jobs world-wide and The Clot has cost us jobs AND doesn’t have a clue how to create them or make America stronger economically. She is merely Obama’s puppet for a third term and again, Americans know it and take note.

7.  BJ Bubba Clinton. A disgusting pervert, a rapist, a cokehead, and you can bet that Trump will bring up his rapes and how Hillary not only enabled them but went after those Bubba raped! So goes the vagina vote. Trump has already tied NAFTA around Bubba’s neck and he just hardwired TPP around The Clot’s neck, along with her toady Kaine.

8.  Union voters. Trump grabs the Union voters after pointing out over and over that NAFTA and TPP are to blame for their lost jobs and that they were negotiated by Democrats, namely BJ Bubba and Obama! Note that Hillary had said nothing on the subject and has flip-flopped on the issue. Trump plays pin the NAFTA/TPP tail on Hillary’s fat ass in the debates and she folds like a cheap suit.

9.  Anti-establishment anger. Trump fired a salvo at the GOPe’s waterline and down they went. A vast silent majority (no longer silent) are pissed off to the max about the big government crapola that the DC Cartel has been shoveling down our throats for decades. From taxation with ZERO representation to debt to Obama’s excesses, we’re mad as HELL and ain’t taking it anymore. Trump continues to point out that The Clot is an insider and then tells the Dems to join his team! It reminds the Gunny of the scene in FMJ between Joker and the Colonel.

Colonel: “Whose side are you on, son?”
Private Joker: “Our side, sir.”
Colonel: “Don’t you love your country?”
Private Joker: “Yes, sir.”
Colonel: “Then how about getting with the program? Why don’t you jump on the [Trump] team and come on in for the big win?”
Private Joker: “Yes, sir.”

How many Democrats have been hurt and hurt bad by The Obomination? Millions. They’re out of work and deep down, they KNOW who is responsible and it is Obama and his Admin, of which The Clot was one.

10.  Benghazi and SecState issues. The Butcher of Benghazi was savaged when Trump brought in the parents of the dead and asked them to speak much as the same as when he brings in people who have had their kin murdered, raped, robbed, et., by illegals and thus, puts a face to the issue. A failed reset button, a failed Middle East, a failed tour as SecState, a dead Ambassador, 8 BILLION dollars that went MIA, and more, will be brought up by Trump in the next 96 days. Her ineptitude, incompetence, and arrogant uncaring attitude will be on full display right up to November.

11.  The Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Now under investigation by the FBI and recently Webb Hubbell’s daughter Chelsea, was removed from the leadership position before she could be indicted (coming). The more Trump highlights how the Clintons live off of their NON-TAXED non-profit Foundation, the more it hurts The Clot.

“In 1999, Bill Clinton made repealing the Depression-era Glass-Steagall Act — which separated commercial and investment banking — a priority. He commanded a bipartisan push in repealing the law, which was primarily advocated for by Wall Street lobbyists. Not long after his pen hit the paper to repeal the law, Citigroup, a top beneficiary of the repeal, recruited Clinton’s Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin to join as an executive at the firm. Rubin went on to be one of Citigroup’s highest-paid officials, pulling in $115 million in pay from 1999 and 2008.” MUCH more at:
(Imagine, Al Jazeera pointing this out and the Liberal Media ignoring it!)

The Clinton Crime Family Foundation is nothing but a slush fund for them to live off of. Haiti, for example, got next to nothing from them despite Bubba’s speechifying on their plight. Bullshit over substance, the Clinton and Democrat Way.

12.  Taxes. Trump’s plan is to lower them while The Clot has already been caught on video yapping about raising taxes on the Middle Class while her parasitic Gruberites cheered (all 15 of them in her audience).

13.  Queen Hillary. The Clot has not given a press conference in about 250 DAYS and won’t because when she speaks, her number drop. And when combined with her “rules-don’t-apply-to-me” shady ethics, Americans see her for what she is, a lying whore who has been bought and sold more times than a Court Street hooker on payday night and whose only concern is what is good for her and only her.

14.  Leftist bullshit. The Clot has yammered on for a bigger, stronger government, more taxation, more spending on the Parasite Class, more Gruberment regulations, a higher minimum wage (that loses jobs), promising a tuition-free community college, MORE Obamacare (which is failing big time), promising to reform executive compensation (that goes against her Wall Street donors), and more class warfare. Hillary has veered more the Left than Obama and America has already said “HELL NO!” to that dreck.

15.  Hillary herself. A flip-flopping, warmongering neocommie, dishonest, LIAR whose constant lies and past lies have been tied around her neck as well by Trump, and her trustworthiness is lower than Bubba Clinton’s morals!

16.  GUN CONTROL. Both Hillary and Kaine are for it and have stated that they’ll do whatever it takes to implement more of it. Trump highlights more of this and it is working. (Record Gun Sales 15 Months Straight…) Trump has stated over and over that he would protect the Second Amendment by appointing SCOTUS judges like Scalia. 

If Trump stays on point and he has done pretty good for the most part, he’ll crush The Clot in November. Hillary loses in a landslide and even massive voter fraud via the illegal aliens that Obama has imported won’t help her.

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Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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  3. Uriel says:

    Bit melodramatic but spot on Gunny lol. One would believe you harbor animosity toward Satan’s handmaiden. Btw rumors have it my tag isn’t far from the truth since Hilde attended some of those secret “ritual” ceremonies the Bilde’s host.

  4. Terry says:

    Spot on analysis Gunny. If only the population can be convinced of these truths, we may stand a chance. The media is running such a steamroller interference for the lying scumbag it’s hard to get the truth out. Even to those who WANT to hear it.