New Twist After Freddie Gray Charges Dropped – The Kelly File

New Twist After Freddie Gray Charges Dropped – The Kelly File

People in the country really don’t get the impact of socialist democratic ideology or the corruption and general decline it inevitably brings.

The latest rioting in 2015 cost taxpayers in Baltimore more than $12 million in a city where there is a low tax base due to mass migration out of the city, a large amount of abandoned buildings and businesses, and poor housing left over from the 1968 riots. What economic recovery might have occurred got sapped away by local government corruption, mismanagement, refusal to face hard issues, and a “free every thing handouts from federal entitlements” mantra fostered by the Democrat Party which have left the city devastated.

There is the $6.4 million Baltimore literally handed to the Freddie Gray family before trial of the officers began.

The Police Department accrued a little more than $7 million in costs, including $4.5 million for overtime and $2.5 million for supplies such as riot gear, while the state’s attorneys office accounted for the remaining $450,000, according to Anthony McCarthy, spokesman for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

On Wednesday, prosecutors dropped all remaining charges against the officers, ending the high-profile trials that began in December.  After the charges were dropped, Baltimore may still potentially be on the hook for further huge outlays since the police officers are now suing Mosby for defamation.

Gov. Larry Hogan has called the prosecutions a waste of time and money, especially after Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby failed to win convictions in four trials.

So ultimately who lost after the riots? Baltimore, local taxpayers and federal taxpayers who will ultimately be forced to attempt to keep afloat a city that since 1967 has chosen Democrat Party socialist platform, refused to accept hard work not handouts are the only way to recover, lackluster attempts at attracting the return of businesses, or addressing drugs and poverty head on. Its education system is in disarray even though per student they spend more than most cities across America. Yet its students test consistently in the lowest levels. Gangs, drugs, crime and deaths rank among the highest across the nation.

Attorneys for Lt. Brian Rice and Officers Edward Nero and Garrett Miller told the Baltimore Sun that Mosby painted herself as a “victim,” when in reality, she refused help that was offered to her by Maryland State Police and other agencies across the region.

Now after emails were leaked last week, we see Mosby in another predicament displaying typically Hillary-styled tactics that continues to cast a pall over law, order, Baltimore, and the state of Maryland. This entire incident needs dumped in an outhouse. Baltimore would be better off if it replaced this highly expensive, inexperienced attorney and set about finally helping the city to get out of the quicksand it’s in and take steps to change for the better.

As one of my childhood cartoon characters used to say “Say your pwayers, wabbit!” Those pesky truths do have a way of ruining one’s life.

As Megyn Kelly said “Unbelievable.”




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2 Responses to New Twist After Freddie Gray Charges Dropped – The Kelly File

  1. Hardnox says:

    This whole thing is unbelievable. The good news is that a number of lawyers in MD have filed a motion to have her law license revoked. The bitch is stuck on stupid and is fostering racial tensions for her own agenda.

    • Uriel says:

      Exactly. Anyone doubt her political aspirations when DoJ and Lynch rushed to her aid? Airhead needs her license revoked and her grades reviewed. She has little or no real education maybe she was a wringer for college quota.