The Hildabeast Finally Comes Out of the Closet

as a wannabe dictator.

EXCERPT:  “HILLARY CLINTON: Well, I think what the court said about there being an individual right is in line with constitutional thinking. And I said in the convention, I’m not looking to repeal the second amendment. I’m not looking to take people’s guns away, but I am looking for more support for the reasonable efforts that need to be undertaken to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

WALLACE: And the Second Amendment includes an individual right to bear arms.

CLINTON: Yes, but that right like every other of our rights, our First Amendment rights, every right that we have is open to and even subject to reasonable regulations.

WALLACE: I just want to pursue this a bit. Heller, Justice Scalia, he said that the right to bear arms is reasonably limited. He let the door open to regulation. If you’re elected president, you’re going to appoint the Ninth Supreme Court justice. (Also known as the Ninth Circus Court, staffed with Leftist loons.)

CLINTON: Um-hmm.

WALLACE: Are you saying you do not want to see the Heller decision, the individual right to bear arms overturned?

CLINTON: No, I don’t, but here’s what I do want. And I want to be very clear about this: I want the Congress to step up and do its job. I want to get out of the horrible cycle we’re in, where we go and mourn dozens, hundreds, thousands of people killed by gun violence.

Everybody says, oh, let’s pray, let’s send our hearts and our feelings, and then nothing happens. We’re better than this. The gun lobby intimidates elected officials. The vast majority of Americans, including gun owners, support the kind of common-sense reforms that I’m proposing.”

Actually, the lying sack of shit is completely wrong here.

One, UNALIENABLE Rights cannot be taken away, changed, sold, transferred, spindled, or mutilated. They are, by definition, Natural Rights that come from The Almighty and not from the Gruberment. Two, the hag is either supremely stupid or supremely arrogant as the U.S. Constitution does not limit our rights but rather, puts limits on the power of the Gruberment, something that Obama whined about in 2009! Third, The Clot ties herself up by saying:  “Yes, but that right like every other of our rights, our First Amendment rights, every right that we have is open to and even subject to reasonable regulations.”

That statement is contradictory in that the First Amendment guarantees FREE SPEECH and it also is in direct opposition to the Principle of Natural Rights on which this nation was founded.

Next, The Hildebeast yapped: “The vast majority of Americans, including gun owners, support the kind of common-sense reforms that I’m proposing.”

In a word: Bullshit.

Gun sales have gone through the roof ever since The Brown Clown was selected by Soros and elected by the Liberal Media and every time The Clot mentions her common sense reforms she ALWAYS refers to Australia, the UK, and Canada, all of which have disarmed their population and put them at risk. At her core, this Alinsky Marxist whore wants the total confiscation of all American’s firearms because without that, her and her Progressive globalist scum cannot rule us.

Here is the bottom line: Unalienable rights are INDIVIDUAL rights and that means that the very act of regulating them is a violation of them since regulating them is controlling access to them/using them and any violation of the Gruberment applied regulation results in the use of force/arrest against the individual, i.e., “Free Speech Zones.” What The Clot cannot understand is that we are NOT a collective and that it DOESN’T take a village. Anyone who advocates more and more government regulations aiding and abetting that government in violating the Constitution.

In closing…

A free people ought to be armed.” – General George Washington

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
Thomas Jefferson

SAVED ROUND:  Chris Wallace was an embarassment, treating The Clot with kid gloves. A puff piece worthy of MSLSD or the Clinton News Network (CNN).

In related news, Pencil Neck Podesta, a Clinton crony, bagged 35 MILLION while The Clot was SecState.



                                                                      A BOUGHT AND PAID FOR WHORE.

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4 Responses to The Hildabeast Finally Comes Out of the Closet

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  2. captbogus2 says:

    “Do not trust a government that does not trust its citizens with guns.” Benjamin Franklin

  3. Hardnox says:

    The turd shiners in the limpstream have been given their marching orders, haven’t they?

    Hildabeast has always wanted to remove the 2nd amendment. It’s an impediment to the Left’s end game.

  4. Peppermint says:

    She is such a danger to our Constitutional rights it’s downright scary if she gets elected (through fraud) of course. Like you said these rights are God given rights so i guess she thinks she’s God to change them.