Gorka: Hillary’s foreign policy record is a catastrophe

On Hannity last night:

Yes, the media has propagandized Americans.  They’ve been doing it for decades and gullible low information Americans have swallowed it hook, line and sinker.  Fortunately, many have woken up to the disasters of the president and his former Secretary of State only because Donald Trump has brought them to the forefront of the conversation and the media cannot ignore or hide his message.

It’s difficult for the media to shine a turd when everyone paying attention recognizes that it is indeed a turd.

What’s troubling is how many lefties are willing to dismiss Hillary’s disasters and obvious criminality for the sake of electing the “First Woman President” and making history again as if that worked out so good last time we made history.

~ Hardnox



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One Response to Gorka: Hillary’s foreign policy record is a catastrophe

  1. Uriel says:

    Greed and promises of retirement in a “safe house” as the reset of the world human population to the chosen occurs.

    I am guessing but I would say there are few real reporters. We have seen how opponents of OWO seem to drop like flies.

    Snap! Oh wait, it’s the fault of aliens who plan to take over after their mind control eliminates humans.