Dumb and Dumber II

The sequel everyone but moronic and blissfully ignorant Liberals are running like hell away from.

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                                                    DUMB AND DUMBER II – THE HORROR ENDS JAN 2017


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Retired US Marine and pissed-off American. Tired of the bullshit from inside the Beltway and determined to change it, peacefully or otherwise. A Constitution-loving American who believes that the US is #1 and should be!
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4 Responses to Dumb and Dumber II

  1. Uriel says:

    May it be so with one caveat– those two look out from behind prison bars and their ill gotten gains are returned to US taxpayer coffers.

  2. Hardnox says:

    It’s not just the Left Gunny. The butthurt talking heads supposedly on our side keep bashing Trump thus casting doubt. I fear these asshats may discourage enough voters to stay home yet we cannot afford to lose a single vote due to the epic voter fraud that the Left will unleash.

    Common sense should tell any thinking person that voting for Hillary is like french kissing an ebola victim yet there are many on the right that are as stupid as lefties.

    With the little bit of DNC viewing that I forced myself to watch, along with the display of commie flags, thug mothers trashing cops, abortion advocates cheering the murders, and the plethora of Hildabeast enablers in both the political class and the media has me white hot in anger.

    The display these last few days should be enough for any America loving individual to flee any thoughts of Hillary irrespective of Trump’s warts.

    I remain hopeful as Trump continues to bash Hillary and the Brown Clown. His message is resonating.

    • Terry says:

      I was just out for a ride and had Mark Levin on the radio. Every caller to the show was a never-Trumper. How much more of an All-American agenda can a candidate have that would appease these idiots ?

  3. GunnyG says:


    I think that we can count on Trump keeping up the attack. He smells blood in the water and is going after it.