Why didn’t the Demmerhoids host families of fallen officers?

The DNC hosted mothers of thugs whacked by cops.  Former policeman weighs in.

The answer is simple.  Honoring fallen cops does not fit the Left’s narrative.  The left has orchestrated the narrative led by Obama and his administration lackeys.  Everything that the Left has touched has turned to shit, without exception.  The Left has destroyed the black family (notice that none of the speakers had the same last manes of their kids), the entirety of the black community, they have destroyed American Industry, our entire economy, education, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and have weaponized most government agencies.  The Demmerhoids don’t have anything to sell.  They can’t hardly say “hey, vote for us because we suck”, even though that is the hard truth and is exactly what they are asking voters to do.

The truth is that the left only has division to sell hence the “war on cops” and the faux “Black Lives Matter” bullshit which is mostly funded by anti-Americans billionaires such as George Soros.  They continue the division with bashing the evil 1% yet the democrats receive the bulk of their funding from those they vilify but that’s the game.

The left is scared to loose their vise grip hold on power with the loss of the White House and the entire Gangster Government and thus will continue the meme in an effort to keep the lemmings riled up at least until through election day.

Sadly a great many lives have been lost because of the Left’s war of division and more are certainly to follow.  Frankly, it is beyond traitorous.

Notice that I never call the democrats liberals.  They are leftists.  The democrats are long dead and exist only in the minds of people that are older than 50 or older but have failed to see that their party was hijacked long ago.

If the democrats were honest with themselves they would hold up a mirror and recognize their failures but we know that won’t happen before pigs learn to fly.  Racial and economic division is now institutionalized in our body politic by the left.  They are masters at it.

The talking heads can opine about why cops aren’t honored by the democrats 24/7 but the truth is there for anyone that bothers to see.

~ Hardnox



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2 Responses to Why didn’t the Demmerhoids host families of fallen officers?

  1. Uriel says:

    Truthfully I would say the lack of inclusion is better. Why sully the memories of our enforcement by adding them to the same list of speakers. I am glad that people are actually seeing the true nature of the socialistic Democrat party before general election. I say let them run until patriots and liberals see them as they really are then watch the whole country turn red and finally we can discover all the skeletons in their closets.

    • Hardnox says:

      I’m glad they didn’t for the same reasons you outlined PLUS the Dims just pushed 250,000 cops and their families to the Trump camp.