Hammer Meet Nail – Donald Trump Press Conference in Doral, Florida


Donald Trump held a long news conference from his resort in Doral, Florida, this morning, taking numerous questions from reporters.

He started by pointing out how many news conferences he has had during his campaign compared to Hillary Clinton.

Trump called it a “deflection” for Democrats to claim that Russia hacked the DNC emails in order to help him.

Trump calling a spade a spade.  Kudos!

Who else but Trump would do an open press conference and answer questions from a hostile media.  Hillary certainly wouldn’t do it.

~ Hardnox

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10 Responses to Hammer Meet Nail – Donald Trump Press Conference in Doral, Florida

  1. Uriel says:

    Good for him. Take it to her in offense.

  2. I saw some of that. He had to deal with a lot of hostile press convinced that he had some kind of secret relationship with Putin. How many times does he have to tell them he’s never met friggin’ Putin? Meanwhile, Hillary gets questions about her new grandbaby. Awesome.

  3. blitzwhite says:

    I have been Trump skeptical, however I see him as the last (not best) possible hope we have. This video cemented my support for the man!

    • Hardnox says:

      Hello Blitz,
      Welcome to N&F. Thanks for the visit. Don’t be a stranger.

      You’re not alone. None of us here were originally Trump fans. We all got here on our own terms and for various reasons. Now that Trump is our last best hope we need to support him as best we can. Given the left’s crookedness and the media’s ability to create spin Trump may very well be the best candidate that threw his hat in the ring. I can’t imagine any other candidate bringing the fight like Trump does. Trump is always on offense whereas republicans are most always on defense. No one can win playing defense, especially against the lefty machine aided by the lefty media.

      Trump may very well be the best man for this contest in this moment in time.

  4. GunnyG says:

    The Donald put his boot up Crooked Hillary’s ass so far that she’s tasting boot polish.

  5. GunnyG says:


    When Trump declared, I was leaning towards him with Cruz as second because trump started out with fire in his belly whereas the others were squishy.

    • Hardnox says:

      I hear ya bro. I too liked what Trump said but was leary of him because of his TV persona and was put off only due to my thinking we don’t need another “American Idol” asshole. We already have one of those.

      That said, I warmed to Trump quickly because he would say what others would not. He’s not a polished squish like all the other lawyers that were running. I like that quality a lot.

      I liked Cruz for his Constitutional embrace but not much else. Over time he proved himself to be just another sleazy lawyer and his backroom deals (strike 1) while he waved his bible around (strike 2). Then lastly him sealing his records (strike 3).