Who Hispanic Voters Support Most In 2016

What part of ILLEGAL ALIEN don’t the dims understand?


I dismiss the notion that legal immigrants are pro-illegal.  I have yet to meet one legal immigrant that thinks illegals deserve to be here.  I find it insulting that the DNC has illegals addressing the country at their convention.

Build the wall!

Stuart Varney discusses the other side…

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3 Responses to Who Hispanic Voters Support Most In 2016

  1. Same with my experience: I know many that came legal and/or that came illegal and made it right. All will be voting TRUMP!

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  3. Uriel says:

    Hispanics are no different than other people. A good many have traditional values and fromwhat I have seen willing to work hard to achieve a better life. I have no problem with those who came legally to fulfil their dream of a better life for their families. They dig in and try which is more than I can say for most younger generations who have been spoiled by too much given and not enough earned. They should and most do resent the illegals coming here for several reasons. First not taking the steps legally that they did. Second for receiving huge benefits not often given to legal residents. Third for taking jobs away that would have gone to legals.Fourth for ruining the image of family and self-sufficiency legals have worked so hard to prevent from communities. Finally for importing a lot of the crime that legals tried to get away from.