Trump Savages The Hildabeast

like a terrier with a rat. Hilarious when he says that he is looking forward to debating The Clot.


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5 Responses to Trump Savages The Hildabeast

  1. Terry says:

    Just watched the beginning (I’ll get back to it later). I love Diamond & Silk. Mmm-Hmmm ! Found out recently that they live in the little N.C. town where I went to HS. Small world. I still visit friends there yearly and I hope to look them up next time.

    I could watch Trump rallies all day.

  2. upaces88 says:

    Love These Ladies!!!
    “A million Democrats deserted (Howard Dean’s) party and joined my party because of Donald Trump in Ohio this year.” … “A million Democrats deserted Howard’s party and joined my party because of Donald Trump in Ohio this year,” Hewitt said. … As part of an MSNBC panel, Hewitt said …”…/hugh-hewitt-million-ohio-democrat..

  3. What a blast! I was just forced to watch the CNN coverage of the DNC for 6 hours yesterday (Thanks, Frontier!). You can’t tell me the depression wasn’t palpable in Philly. Anything but in Cleveland and Charlotte. That’s awesome.