AMC’s “Turn: Washington’s Spies” Succeeds in Bringing to Life the Hair-Raising Bits of Our Nation’s Birth

After pushing the limits of TV with a legendary show about Crystal Meth makers and one about the glamour of Madison Avenue in the early 1960s, AMC attempted something a little more challenging about two years ago: a spy drama set in New York about 1780 during the American Revolutionary War.


The show, called Turn: Washington’s Spies, is a story about the formation of the Culper spy ring during the British occupation of New York.  And it turned out brilliantly.


Filmed mostly around the plantations of Richmond Virginia and the James and York Rivers, the outdoor sets in all weather are absorbing, the cast is charming and convincing and the costumes and set pieces, especially the firearms, are exquisite.


As a cable show, Turn keeps it real, so there may be more blood and gore than some viewers would like, but I found it not nearly so creatively shocking as others, like Breaking Bad, though I’ve only made it through part of the first season.  The show is now in the 3rd season.


If TV is to be saved from the cesspool it currently wallows in, AMC seems determined to take the lead in doing so in a way that informs, educates, inspires and satisfies.

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8 Responses to AMC’s “Turn: Washington’s Spies” Succeeds in Bringing to Life the Hair-Raising Bits of Our Nation’s Birth

  1. Hollywood needs Drano and a good flushing. Where’s the San Andreas when you need it…?
    Good for AMC! About time!

  2. Hardnox says:

    Good info. It’s about time. I just ordered the series on Netflix.

    Talking with youngsters these days it is stunning how little, if anything, they know about our nation’s history yet they are indoctrinated with the ever growing list of required “studies” which is nothing more than lefty indoctrination.

    Few teachers know American history either.

  3. captbogus2 says:

    Is Turn back? What time? What day?

  4. I.R. Wayright says:

    “Turn” is on Monday nights, at 10 PM.
    A while back I found the grave of one of my ancestors ,on my father’s side, who fought in the Revolutionary War.
    Within the last two weeks my niece informed me that my Mother’s side has some history too. She is descended from the Quaker Ogdens who came across on the Atlantic on the “Welcome” which was William Penn’s ship. He was the founder of Pennsylvania. There is a David Ogden listed on the passenger list here:
    A descendant of his owned a Tavern in Philadelphia, at Third and Chestnut Streets, called “The Cross Keys Tavern.” He was arrested and imprisoned by the British for aiding and abetting the rebels.
    This heritage apparently accounts for my attitudes about current events in this country.

  5. vonMesser says:

    My (deceased) wife’s ancestors are first recorded in Philadelphia in 1775 as Konrad Frederich Kistler, a deserter from the Prussians.