Guest Post: Dear RNC

Sent to us from by one of our loyal subscribers “Go Hugga Tree”.  This letter was sent in reply to the frequent donation request by the RNC.  Specifically, the RNC request questioned whether he “had abandoned the Party” and “given up the fight”. 

Thanks for sending it on.  Please read below.

~ Hardnox


Tony Parker
Treasurer, RNC
310 First Street SE
Washington, DC 20003

3 March 2016

RE: Your recent requests for my membership renewal

Mr. Parker, your letter of 19 February asked me if I had “abandoned the Republican Party”, and if I had “given up the fight”. I find it hard to express just how angry these comments make me, and just how infuriating they are.

It is the REPUBLICAN PARTY establishment which has clearly given up the fight, and abandoned its base and its proclaimed principles. Several years back, you folks told the voters, “give us the House and we’ll stop Obama”. We did, and you did nothing of note. Then you said, “give us the Senate and we’ll stop Obama”. We did, and you did nothing of note. Not only did we award the GOP with control of the Congress, we also gave the GOP more state and local seats than you have enjoyed in well over a decade. Yet now you say, “well, we can’t do anything until we have the White House.” WRONG.

There are dozens of significant actions the GOP could have taken – nearly every one of which required having the courage to stand up to Obama by putting the types of legislation WE, the GOP voters support, on Obama’s desk, forcing him to publicly reject it, and then have to explain to the citizenry why he was doing so. But no….. Linguini spines like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan won’t do it, as they are clearly afraid of Obama and his supporters. Mr. Parker, we did not give the Congress to the GOP to stand by and watch the most dangerous progressive since FDR continue dismantling the United States of America.

Now, the GOP has taken it to a new level. Today Mitt Romney, the man who would not stand up to Obama in three debates — who, for that matter, would not even stand up to Candy Crowley — took to the microphone to denounce Donald Trump – because Trump “is not a real conservative”. That argument might hold water IF the GOP were not equally engaged in attempting to destroy Ted Cruz, the one man in this race with superb and proven conservative bona fides. Why don’t the elders of the GOP exert even half as much effort in challenging Obama and the actions of his Regime, as they do in combating insurgent and conservatives within their own party?

In fact, certain GOP spokespeople have suggested that a vote for Hillary will be their response to a Trump candidacy. Has the GOP forgotten the agreement demanded of Trump, that he support whatever GOP candidate wins the nomination? Is this agreement not reciprocal? If not, why not? And why are the careers of GOP establishment types now more important than protecting the American republic and its Constitution? Since when is that a good exchange for defeating angry GOP base voters?

To top it off, these same GOP spokespeople have the nerve to claim they have America’s best interests at heart. And you myopics wonder why we are angry.

The candidacies of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are the direct results of the GOP’s actions over the past twelve years. George W. Bush and Karl Rove said it was “beneath the dignity” of the President to respond to Democrat lies, slanders, and criticism. In doing so, these gentlemen disgraced the office, opened the door TWICE for the progressive agenda of Obama, Jarrett, Reid, and Pelosi, and gave it credence.

Any military person will tell you that a battle not engaged, is a battle lost.

Now we’ve got two so-called “insurgents” battling for the GOP nomination: one a populist/nationalist of sorts, one a genuine Constitutional conservative. Neither one of these men will continue to allow the Presidency, and our nation, to be mocked and disgraced by progressives at home, and by most of our former allies and current adversaries abroad.

Despite the multi-million dollar efforts of the GOP establishment, the citizenry (the people for whom you ALL work, remember?) have made it clear that we are DONE with business as usual. We are tired of inaction; we have had it with the GOP treating the Presidency as something to sacrifice on the altar of racial correctness and cowardice. Ronald Reagan did not back down from challenges of this sort; he welcomed them, and delivered nearly 12 years of growth, national strength, and American pride.

Jeb Bush made a statement a while back that he’d try to win the GOP nomination without the support of the base. Well, the base is telling you, loud and clear, that we are DONE with business as usual, and with being ignored simply because we are not multi-million-dollar contributors to cowardly centrist candidates. We do NOT want the GOP to “work with” the opposition; we gave you folks the Congress to STOP the opposition. If your preferred presidential nominees are unwilling to understand this, we have no use for them. And, starting with the two registered voters in my household, we here in the base will work tirelessly to fund and support Ted Cruz AND Donald Trump until we succeed in getting our government back.





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4 Responses to Guest Post: Dear RNC

  1. Bullright says:

    Echoing those sentiments, hear hear. Good letter. I can’t imagine what their mailbox might be looking like these days. They have given up on every front. Congrats.

  2. gohuggatree says:

    A bit of follow-up: I sent that letter via certified snail mail with a return receipt. Someone signed for it on 3/10, but not Mr. Parker. Probably a staffer. I recognized when writing it that this letter was more of a way for me to blow off steam, than to actually get a message thru to the RNC. An old saying certainly applies to the party leadership these days: “Don’t bother us with facts; our minds are made up”.

  3. vonmesser says:

    Good letter. Maybe a couple of hundred close variants?
    I’m gonna.