Occidental students demand “no bulletproof vests” for campus safety officers

From: breitbart.com,  by Joel B. Pollak,  on Nov 18, 2015,  see the article HERE.


Students at Occidental College who have occupied an administration building this week have demanded that campus safety officers stop wearing bulletproof vests.

The demand is one of fourteen presented to the administration by the students, who call themselves “Oxy United for Black Liberation.” Other demands include the resignation of university president Jonathan Veitch, the creation of a Black Studies program, and hiring “physicians of color” to deal with injuries “associated with issues of identity.”

The demand for campus safety officers to stop wearing bulletproof vests is a strange one. The full demand is: “Immediate demilitarization of Campus Safety. Includes, but is not limited to: removal of bulletproof vest from uniform, exclusion of military and external police rhetoric from all documents and daily discourse, increased transparency and positive direct connection to the student body.”

The effect of removing bulletproof vests would simply be to make public safety officers more vulnerable to attack. It is also unclear how a campus police would exclude “police rhetoric” from internal communications, under student supervision.

The demands appear to be shaped by the ideology of the Black Lives Matter movement, which began last year in response to alleged incidents of police violence against black people, including the killing of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown as he attacked a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.

Black Lives Matter has demanded radical changes in policing across the country–often, according to both federal and local officials, to the detriment of public safety in urban communities.

The students have given the university until Friday to consider their demands. Meanwhile, they plan to continue occupying the three-story administration building.

Other campus protests have resulted in the capitulation of university administrators, most notably at the University of Missouri, where protests prompted the resignation of both the university president and chancellor within hours of each other early last week. A dean of students at Claremont McKenna College also resigned last week.

Brenda Gazzar of the Los Angeles Daily News reports that Veitch has the support of the university trustees. She quotes an open letter by Chris Calkins, chair of the Occidental College Board of Trustees: “From the very beginning, Jonathan has focused on creating a more diverse and inclusive institution…He has been tireless in raising money for scholarships; hiring a diverse faculty and staff, and furthering the mission of the college.”

Gazzar reports that Occidental’s administration has not only tolerated the demonstrators, but praised them: “We applaud the socially conscious spirit of these students. They are bringing attention to an important movement and helping our community have a difficult but necessary conversation about race, identity and culture,” it said in a statement.

President Barack Obama attended Occidental College from 1979 to 1981 before transferring to Columbia University.


The author’s last sentence, “President Barack Obama attended Occidental College from 1979 to 1981 before transferring to Columbia University,” brings to mind the old “chicken and egg” conundrum. It prompts the question, did Barack Obama pick up his racial agitation agenda from Occidental or did he infect Occidental with influences he learned from Frank Marshall Davis?

Regardless of the Obama/Occidental conumdrum, I’m forced to ask the question, “why would college students demand that campus safety officers stop wearing “bulletproof vests”? Try as I might, I can’t think of a single logical reason for that demand UNLESS they want to make the security officers more vulnerable. Ask yourself why would anyone take that position? Short of being sensitive to the comfort factor of the officers (doubtful), the only reason I can think of is that the “Oxy United for Black Liberation” (OUBL) group is planning on assaulting the officers and wants to assure lethal results.

Here is the list of the Oxy United for Black Liberation demands:

Occidental college demands

Finally, just today, I’ve read several articles relating how students and administration are FINALLY rebelling against these racist “demands” (no doubt fermented by outside agitation). It’s time that either the affected (perhaps INfected) institutions give in the the demands and turn the place over to the black agitators or take control and return some semblance of order to their (supposed) institution of higher learning. It’s just possible that these black racist agitators are not interested in learning – all they’re looking for is a free ride and more control.





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15 Responses to Occidental students demand “no bulletproof vests” for campus safety officers

  1. BrianR says:

    It looks to me like all these morons are trying to roll things back to the era of segregation.

    They should be careful what they wish for…

  2. Saltwater says:

    There can be only ONE reason for demanding campus safety personnel be prohibited from wearing body armor, and keeping law enforcement off site. Any guesses?

    • Garnet92 says:

      I’d say that campus safety personnel are at risk – it wouldn’t surprise me that the next slate of demands will require security staff to wear t-shirts with bullseyes on the front and back.

  3. Kathy says:

    They’ve gone beyond demanding equal treatment to now demanding special treatment and it’s time for the adults to get a grip on this. These kids aren’t thinking this up on their own, somebody’s behind this, whether it’s the NAACP or BLM or whoever. They need to find out who’s behind this push for rebellion at our colleges and call them out.

    It’s good to see that Veitch has the school’s support because they need to stand up to these bullies or it never stops. Give them all zeroes in the classes they’re missing and give them the job of campus security. Let’s see who wants a bulletproof vest then.

    • Garnet92 says:

      As I said in my commentary, I saw several articles covering either students or administration at some colleges that were fighting back. That’s what will nip this cancer in the bud – the majority lowering the boom on these petulant brats.

  4. Judy says:

    This is what babies do, they throw tantrums to get their own way. Why is anyone giving them their 15 minutes? Ignore them. If that school is so bad, let them go somewhere else. Pull their scholarships. All colleges/universities should have a policy as to what is or isn’t allowed on school property. Why are they allowed to bully and intimidate both students and staff? Get rid of them. I know young adults are very pie in the sky individuals who feel they are invincible, they can change the world, etc. To them I give these words, “Wake up and grow up”. Life’s tough out there, your perceived mlitancy now may really come back to bite you in the ass once someone is no longer paying all your expenses and future employers don’t look kindly on your college “activism”. Of course, I may be wrong since O-Shit and Cowbama both had their academic records sealed from scrutinity so I can only assume they had activities and people they needed to hide from their college years.

    Curiously, I don’t see Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton involved in any of this BLM crap, the safe spaces movement or other college assaults. Apparently there isn’t enough television coverage involved.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Good point Judy – where are the national ambassadors of blackology Jesse and Al? I suspect that they’d like to join in, but they’re probably viewed as old fossils by the racist radicals of the BLM movement and won’t be allowed to share the spotlight.

  5. Hardnox says:

    This is stunning in this day and age when every accommodation is given to minorities AND this country elected a black man as president TWICE. This nation has elected black governors, Mayors, City Councilmen, Senators, Congressman, Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, and we have an overwhelming number of local and federal employees (disproportionate to the population YET these ingrates have the nerve to make demands and accuse the rest of us for being racists. Unfrigginbelievable!!

    It is abundantly clear that preferential treatment only begets morons therefore all programs must be eliminated for the greater good.

    As far as the vests are concerned, Saltwater is right. There’s only one reason.

    • Garnet92 says:

      As I mentioned before, I’m very close to recording several hours of TV and doing an analysis of the number of blacks represented in the commercials. I just noticed again today that it seems that there are almost as many blacks shown in commercials as whites and they’re only 13% of the population. I guarantee you that they are over represented in TV commercials.

      Just another case where disproportionality is ok when the numbers favor blacks.

  6. vonmesser says:

    How about the campus cops just lock up and go home?
    After all, if they’re such evil fascists, they’re not needed on campus, and the school will be safer without them.

    • Garnet92 says:

      You know what would happen VM, they’d all get fired and replaced with black safety officers hired from the ranks of the BLM. Then all of the white students would be at risk of “walking while white,” “studying while white,” etc. It would be like a war zone.

  7. I.R. Wayright says:

    There is a simple solution for those wanting “black liberation.”
    It’s called “Liberia.”

    • Garnet92 says:

      That makes entirely too much sense I.R. The BLM people don’t want a failed black nation, they want to take a successful white nation and bring it down to their “standards.”