Calling Down God’s Blessing on Murder

I thought that, at 68, I’d pretty much seen it all.  Churches have women and queer Priests and Bishops.   Good is bad; free speech is not allowed; Democrats are not democratic, the party that saved America from the Nazis is now socialist-fascist, but the latest thing is the blessing of murder as a God-given gift.

And not from some off-the-wall nut group. It’s the United Methodist Church.  One of the so-called mainstream churches.  They claim to be:

PRO FAITH – Well, my faith says in its commandments “Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder”  Not “Kill”, but murder.  The Arfamaic and Hebrew words used differentiate between killing, which can be justified, and murder, which can not be justified.

PRO FAMILY – What kind of a family kills its young?  Not a family that plans on surviving, that’s for darn sure.

PRO CHOICE – Just as long as “choice” means the choice to kill a baby.  They do not want to allow you to choose to smoke, own a gun, go to a private school, speak your mind about anything they disagree with, etc.  Just choose to kill your child.

In Ohio, United Methodist Church pastor, Reverend Laura Young, says she believes pro-life protesters in front of Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities have “misguided faith.” She believes these clinics should be blessed, which is why she and her followers went to a murder facility called Preterm on October 8th in Cleveland.

In 2014, Preterm was involved in the abortion-related death of 22 year old Lakisha Wilson, who, according to the autopsy report  was not properly monitored after LakishaWilson8her abortion, which kept her from receiving emergency care in time to save her life.  Wilson suffered from “uterine atony,” which is a condition where the uterus does not properly contract after the abortion and thus leads to hemorrhage. Wilson suffered blood loss and went into shock, which was not immediately detected, or she would have been treated and stabilized.  She received some medications at Preterm that cause uterine contractions in an apparent effort to control the hemorrhage, but too little, too late.  Depressed respiration caused by sedation administered by abortion clinic personnel may have contributed to the lack of oxygen Wilson’s body received, compounding the medical crisis she experienced due to blood loss. As a result, Wilson suffered cardiopulmonary arrest and subsequent fatal brain damage while at the Preterm Abortion Clinic before paramedics were called.

Think Progress hopes their “blessing” will protect Preterm from “preachy protesters, as well as encourage the strength and bravery of those providing and relying on its services.” The Reverend Young plans to go out to other abortion facilities in the state as well.

On the other hand, there is some good news.  At least two former abortion clinics are now pro-life.

BRYAN, TX, November 12, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – The former Planned Parenthood abortion facility where Abby Johnson once worked as director is now a pro-life haven for women in crisis pregnancy. The facility is now aptly named, “Hope.” It celebrated its grand opening earlier this month.

CRESTON, Iowa —(     Local church and community members celebrated during the dedication of a pro-life pregnancy and women’s health resource center here Aug. 15 — the result of community efforts to repurpose a former Planned Parenthood facility known for conducting controversial telemedicine “webcam” abortions.

GREEN BAY Wisconsin (The Catholic Herald October 29, 2015)  The only facility still providing abortions in northeast Wisconsin has suspended abortions for at least six months citing lack of medical staff.



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2 Responses to Calling Down God’s Blessing on Murder

  1. captbogus2 says:

    Yeah. Homosexuals, Pedophiles. Abortionist. All clergy. Seems the church has come out of the closet, don’t it.

  2. Kathy says:

    Reverend Young needs to look in the mirror before she accuses anyone of misguided faith. What an egotistical hypocrite.