Black Lives Matter protesters harass and shout obscenities at white students


From:,  by Dr. Susan Berry,  on Nov 16, 2015,  see the article HERE.


The Dartmouth Review reports that on Thursday, about 150 “black-clad” Black Lives Matter protesters pushed and shoved students and hurled racial epithets at them as they surged through doors of study spaces, harassing students studying for exams and shouting obscenities at them.

According to the Review:

Black-clad protesters gathered in front of Dartmouth Hall, forming a crowd roughly one hundred fifty strong.  Ostensibly there to denounce the removal of shirts from a display in Collis, the Black Lives Matter collective began to sing songs and chant their eponymous catchphrase. Not content to merely demonstrate there for the night, the band descended from their high-water mark to march into Baker-Berry Library.

“F*** you, you filthy white f***s!” “F*** you and your comfort!” “F*** you, you racist s***!”

These shouted epithets were the first indication that many students had of the coming storm.  The sign-wielding, obscenity-shouting protesters proceeded through the usually quiet backwaters of the library.  They surged first through first-floor Berry, then up the stairs to the normally undisturbed floors of the building, before coming back down to the ground floor of Novack.

Throngs of protesters converged around fellow students who had not joined in their long march. They confronted students who bore “symbols of oppression”: “gangster hats” and Beats-brand headphones.  The flood of demonstrators self-consciously overstepped every boundary, opening the doors of study spaces with students reviewing for exams. Those who tried to close their doors were harassed further. One student abandoned the study room and ran out of the library. The protesters followed her out of the library, shouting obscenities the whole way.

Students who refused to listen to or join their outbursts were shouted down.  “Stand the f*** up!”  “You filthy racist white piece of s***!”  Men and women alike were pushed and shoved by the group.  “If we can’t have it, shut it down!” they cried.  Another woman was pinned to a wall by protesters who unleashed their insults, shouting “filthy white b****!” in her face.

“The tactics, tone, and words of the Black Lives Matter protesters eerily mirrored everything they claim to stand against,” writes the Review. “The long list of their clear oversteps should spark a moment of reckoning for every honest onlooker, and especially those who have sympathized with their movement to this point.”

The Review continues on the leftwing media support of Black Lives Matter:

Their march through the library was an intentional exercise in every disgraceful behavior they claim to endure themselves, from insults and physical force, to racial barbs tossed out with disgust. But in the view of many sympathetic commentators, their brutal tactics could never overshadow the basic justice of their cause. For seemingly every overzealous protest, you can find a thinkpiece on the web that argues just this point.

“[E]mpathy has its limits,” the Review states. “The desire to side with self-described victims is rooted in a spirit of charity. But the habit of doing so even when every ounce of evidence suggests that we ought not to amounts to a total forfeiture of our own ability to discern.”

The reported Black Lives Matter racial violence at Dartmouth comes in the wake of the University of Missouri and Yale racial protests that have spread to college and university campuses across the nation.


These protesting students complain about “microaggressions,” (whatever that describes) and being made to feel inferior. If they were really learning anything, they’d know that the prefix “micro” means small – or even more accurately, it is a prefix in the metric system that denotes one millionth – wow, those are some really small aggressions they’re bitching about. I guess the really bad stuff is when one of them is called the “N” word, that is like committing an act of rhetorical murder it is so heinous. A question: have they never learned the old bit about “sticks and stones”? This Dartmouth episode illustrates the kind of animosity that is bubbling under the surface of the dark skin of the supposedly “oppressed” minorities.

“You filthy racist white piece of s***!” “F*** you, you filthy white f***s!” “F*** you and your comfort!” “F*** you, you racist s***!”

Yep, that’ll influence me to join your cause against racism … right. Hopefully, it probably turned many of those trying to study against the BLM thugs. The BLM protesters don’t represent their “peaceful but oppressed” race very well.

Note in the story that white students were “pushed and shoved” by the black-clad BLM protesters, in other words, there was physical contact. That kind of activity should result in arrests for assault and charges brought. These are the kind of activities that we’ve come to expect from the racial activists instigating the “protesters” (useful tools) on our college campuses – they will get what they demand or there will be riots – some even promise “bullets.” 

The antics by the Dartmouth Black Lives Matter thugs are what we would have expected from the KKK in the old days. And they call US racist.



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11 Responses to Black Lives Matter protesters harass and shout obscenities at white students

  1. Kathy says:

    Is there a goal here or a list of demands? It’s hard to tell what they really want because all I see is a mob of spoiled brat, potty-mouthed, racist thugs who are bullying white kids.

    Assuming they’re students, start by kicking them all out of school and let them know that if they come back charges will be filed against them. Somebody needs to get a grip on this.

    • Garnet92 says:

      I’ll disagree just a smidgen on your characterization of the black protesters. I think that they’ve flown waaay past spoiled brats and potty-mouth doesn’t do them justice. But racist thugs fits them to a tee.

      If there is no prosecution of any of these thugs (and I don’t believe any will be forthcoming), either by the school administration or the local law enforcement authorities, then the public in Hanover, NH will know that they’ve been invaded by black racists and the authorities have thrown in the towel.

    • upaces88 says:

      Gerren Lyles (or Liles),, a Black Poet in NY from wrote a small poetry book: ‘On the Road to Damascus. I am not big about poetry, but this ONE line from his little book will forever be in my mind.

      “Blacks hate themselves for being black and project that hate onto white people.” (That might be paraphrased). I’d look it up in my library if I could, but a “Black person visiting my home stole it.”

  2. Judy says:

    No kidding. There is no indication how long this assault went on, but at 150 strong, this was no spur of the moment thing. Where was campus security? Are there security cameras inside and outside the library – or if not, is that why these cowardly thugs picked that location, so they could act all big and bad without legal proof of their identity? I would say they were lucky those being assaulted (let’s call it what it was, to me this was way more than harassment) were not in possession of mace, pepper spray, a martial arts black belt – or packing. Since this is a movement (if you want to call it that) in its infancy, I say it’s time to throw the baby out with the bath water!

    • Garnet92 says:

      It looks like Dartmouth’s administration decided to mimic the “leadership” of Baltimore’s Mayor in just allowing the black thugs to have their way with the students attempting to study. You and I both know that there would be both camera images and personal recognition of many of the assailants – yet I’ll wager that nothing is done to them. After all, they’re just poor, oppressed students “of color” who are protesting for equal rights – BULLSHIT! What about the rights of the innocent students trying to study? Where are their rights? If the occupation of that library had been executed by a group of skinheads acting similarly, heads would roll and legal charges would be forthcoming.

      Thanks for the visit and the comment, Judy!

  3. CW says:

    Well how can this be when this country elected a black POTUS to prove how non-racists we are? It’s a real head-scratcher!

    Look how carefully these brave black activists are when choosing the targets of their violence and aggression. A library where people are unarmed. Young people who’ve never encountered real violence in their lives. They made sure they’d get no push back. Cowards.

    It would be nice if events like this would get more news coverage so Americans can see what kind of animals Obama & Co. have unleashed on us. There were probably cameras in the library but I’m guessing the liberal enablers at the school don’t want to be accused of the sin of exposing the truth about the Black Lives Matter thugs.

    • Garnet92 says:

      It’s a mystery, CW. I believe that many of Obama’s votes came from whites who believed that electing a (half)black man would heal our racial wounds. Boy, were they wrong. They are indeed cowards. Just look at the multitude of instances where whites are assaulted by blacks – it’s never one-on-one, they’ll always have the numbers or they won’t attack. It is their method – to overwhelm and then to attack mercilessly, especially kicking when someone goes down.

      As far as publicity, I just read another Dartmouth campus paper’s description of the same event. You could barely tell that The Dartmouth was describing the same event as the Dartmouth Review (the one in my post). The most foul language was scrubbed from the whitewashed article that made the library occupation sound like it was simply a sit-down silent protest – not an angry, intimidating, confrontation and assault by a large group of BLM blacks.

  4. tannngl says:

    My kid would be pulled out of any of these colleges and universities so fast everybody’s head would spin.

    Trade school is better anyhow.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Agreed tannngl – my granddaughter is a junior in high school right now and is a year away from selecting a college. So far, I haven’t heard about any similar racial problems down here, but I am concerned.

  5. captbogus2 says:

    The lesson is learned in grade school or it is never learned. Bullies pick on those that don’t fight back. The less you resist the more brazen they become.

  6. Hardnox says:

    Racists calling other people racists. How quaint. How so hypocritical.