Feds’ EMP disaster ‘plan’ calls for more studies (and NO action)

From: wnd.com,  by F. Michael Maloof,  on Nov 8, 2015,  see the article HERE.

NOTE: This article follows one that I posted yesterday about the vulnerability of the U.S. to an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack and illustrates how inept our national government is when it comes to protecting the nation’s citizenry. A link is HERE. Garnet92.


WASHINGTON – The White House recently released a document it bills as a plan to be implemented in the event a massive electromagnetic pulse from a solar storm wipes out the national electric grid system, according to a new report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

But a renowned EMP expert, Peter Vincent Pry, says it’s not really a plan in the typical sense of actually accomplishing something.

“It is a plan to develop a plan to protect the nation from space weather,” said Pry.

Pry is a former analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency and currently executive director of the congressional advisory Task Force on National and Homeland Security and the U.S. Nuclear Strategy Forum.

“The ‘action’ in the ‘National Space Weather Action’ is to do numerous studies, before taking any real action that would protect the national power grid,” Pry told G2Bulletin.

He observed that “federal scientific and research bureaucracies, like NASA and NOAA, make their living by doing studies.”

In the 38-page report, the White House outlined a proposal to enhance national space-weather preparedness by coordinating, integrating and expanding existing policy efforts. The so-called action plan calls for more studies stretching over a one-to-three year period, requiring nationwide participation of federal, state and local governments and emergency agencies, the insurance industry and non-profit organizations.

It proposes a six-step plan to prepare for grid failure along with a call for improved space-weather prediction capabilities. It proposes an “all-hazards” power-outage response and recovery plan, assessing the vulnerability of critical infrastructures to EMP, developing a real-time infrastructure to report damage, helping industry develop a long-term reduction of EMP vulnerability and promoting international collaboration to plan for a potential global catastrophe from a massive solar storm hitting earth.

An EMP is a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy caused by the rapid acceleration of highly charged particles. The particles are so powerful and super-charged that they can knock out or completely fry any unprotected electronics or electrical systems, depending on the intensity.

Electromagnetic energy can include gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation, radio waves and microwaves.

A direct EMP, whether from a solar storm or a manmade high-altitude nuclear explosion, can destroy the already vulnerable grid and unguarded electronic components over a wide geographical area.

Within a year of its strike, such an EMP could kill up to 90 percent of the affected population, according to estimates of NASA and the National Science Foundation.

“The White House owes the American people not more studies, but concrete actions to protect the grid – now,” Pry said.


Let’s revisit the salient points made by Dr. Pry. First, he says “it’s not really a plan in the typical sense of actually accomplishing something,” instead he says, “it is a plan to develop a plan to protect the nation from space weather.”

So, the Obama White House will loudly trumpet the news that he has saved the United States from those pesky electromagnetic thingies. He has released the news that he’s proposing a plan to develop a plan – what colossal incompetence. Unfortunately, he knows all too well that: 1) most ordinary citizens can’t even spell “EMP,” much less know what they are, and 2) they’ll believe that we’ll be protected from power outages – because Barack Hussein Obama said so.

More colossal incompetence – this time on the part of our NO information voters – those who put Obama in office. They are oblivious to the danger of EMPs (regardless of the source) and will likely be among the earliest to feel the lethal effects of an electrical grid meltdown. I guess that’s only fitting, eh?


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3 Responses to Feds’ EMP disaster ‘plan’ calls for more studies (and NO action)

  1. captbogus2 says:

    It’s a plan to develop a plan. That sounds about right.

  2. I.R. Wayright says:

    If the general populace ever figures it out, there will be a run on galvanized garbage cans. But if you do save some of your sensitive equipment, what are you going to plug it into?

  3. Kathy says:

    Here’s a link to a piece with a video that gives you a look at the ‘plan’…


    It’s full of words like, develop, ensure, provide, encourage…They’re stating what their plan should cover in the most general terms, but that’s as far as it goes.

    These are the same people that took 3 years to study the Keystone Pipeline. They do a lot of studying, but don’t produce any actual plans, especially ones that are good for the people. Now if you need a horrible health care plan, that they can do in record time.