A Sunday Feel Good Story – The Magical Reunion

A magician performing at a local school selects a very special assistant, Addison, from the audience.

Having one parent deployed is hard enough, but having both of your parents deployed is unimaginable. That was reality for little Addison though, who is learning the concept of sacrifice from a very tender age.

I can never get enough of these kinds of stories. Thank you to all our military for all you do and all you sacrifice for us.


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3 Responses to A Sunday Feel Good Story – The Magical Reunion

  1. Uriel says:

    Aww you forgot to add tissue needed! For all the sacrifices of men, women in the military and especially those of family we salute and pray for you every day. Safe journey, fair winds, and eagles lift you all. God’s protection wrap each of you one and all.

  2. vonMesser says:

    So I start the day out crying……..