Obama Math: 10,000 Really Equals One Million

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Serious national security issues exist regarding “refugees” from Muslim-majority countries entering America– primarily because the government is not reporting their numbers accurately and is not properly vetted them, if they are vetted at all.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson recently remarked that he is “committed” to properly vetting refugees entering America. But he also stated that the government won’t “know a whole lot” about these refugees. In other words, if they are vetted they might not be vetted well.

The number of refugees being reported is intentionally misleading.

For example, the Obama Administration announced it began accepting 10,000 Syrian refugees October 1 of this year. However, The New York Times reported that 30,000 more will be granted access next year, in addition to the roughly 70,000 refugees already entering America every fiscal year.


Fox News also reported that the numbers of refugees and asylum seekers entering the U.S. specifically from Muslim majority countries is roughly 750,000 since 2009.

Add to this number, those who’ve arrived under the “refugee resettlement program,” roughly 51,000, and the total appears to increase to 800,000. (Of these, according to the U.S. State Department, the greatest number arrived in Texas, California, and New York.)

Yet– these numbers mostly only account for the “head of household.” One “refugee” can actually equate to nine people.

As both Front Page Magazine and American Thinker have pointed out, each head of household is allowed to bring up to eight family members– a fact of which the Obama Administration and Johnson are both well aware.

In actuality, 10,000 refugees can equate to roughly 90,000; 30,000 to 270,000; 70,000 to 630,000; and 800,000 to 7.2 million.

In sum, the numbers more realistically reflect refugees numbering in the millions– who have entered the U.S. from Muslim majority countries since 2009. Definitely not 750,000 or even 10,000. But millions.

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The “family factor” is straightforward. Refugees over 18 years old, once living in America, can apply for their family members to be granted legal access. They can file Form I-730, Refugee/Asylee Relative Petition (within two years); an Affidavit of Relationship (within five years); and Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, and/or Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e) once they become a Green Card holder or U.S. citizen.

But most troubling is what the Clarion Project has been reporting: Muslim refugees have been creating “no-go zone” enclaves throughout America. As highlighted on Fox News:

The question Americans should be demanding answers from Johnson and others is: why is anyone being allowed into the country through a “time-consuming process” only to be partially vetted to the extent that “we’re not going to know a whole lot about them”?

How is any elected official protecting Americans from threats both foreign and domestic if they deliberately do not calculate in real numbers who is being allowed into America, about whom they know little to nothing, but what is known once they settle is that they are creating anti-constitutional communities compliant with Shari’a law? 


Except that there are no records for vetting.

Note that those numbers only go through 2013 and we know many more have entered the US in the last two years. When officials are recording only one head of household instead of the actual number of people in the family it’s easy to see why the numbers are greatly understated. It’s important to remember too that these numbers don’t include the ones who’ve snuck across the border illegally and haven’t been caught. They’re not being counted at all, yet we know there are hundreds of them here from the muslim paraphernalia BP and ranchers have found in the border areas.

Mawyer’s videos are from the location in Red House, VA and there’s similar video of the one called Islamberg near Hancock, NY. Last year we posted about the one in Sweeny, Texas which has kept a fairly low profile compared to the others, although one of the residents there is a police officer in nearby Freeport, Tx (or was at the time).

sweeney texas (2)

Overhead view of Sweeny TX enclave.

In the video, Martin Mawyer states that these enclaves, aka no-go zones, are allowed to exist because of their 1A rights, which is partially true, but what he didn’t emphasize is that our State Dept. hasn’t designated these groups as terrorists and that’s part of the reason they continue to exist and grow.

As the number of refugees increase, the population at these enclaves will also increase so it’s important to know about these locations and others, especially for the residents in the area. Considering that our president and State Dept. are working against us and our Congress may as well be carpet or pavement, it’s advisable to vigilant.


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  1. captbogus2 says:

    They’re not terrorists. They’re workplace violence advocates.

    • Kathy says:

      Workplace and every other place they can think of to kill the infidels. Meanwhile, everyone’s focus is on other issues and they’re ignoring the swarm.