Muslim Prayers Clog Street of Los Angeles

Yep, they’re here, folks. We’ve seen them take over European cities with their butt-in-the-air prayers, and even in our nation’s capital. Now they’ve taken over a street in LA. No doubt it’s LA’s fault for denying them a new mosque on the site of their choice.





rome muslim-prayers-rome



Muslims praying, Elise Vincent, Comment




New York City


washington DC

Washington DC




Where are the atheists?? Why are they not out protesting this?? Oh wait, that just applies to Christians…


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7 Responses to Muslim Prayers Clog Street of Los Angeles

  1. Uriel says:

    It’s really part of their plan. Show force in a visual way. I seriously doubt Christians would get away with this. Having or not having a mosque is not a requirement for these guys. They would do it anyway. It’s that whole ” kiss my arse” attitude they are really showing

  2. CW says:

    It infuriates me, no matter what the cause is, when mobs of people deprive other citizens of their rights by taking over the streets and preventing the free flow of movement. That’s a an intentional form of aggression and intimidation. I say run them over.

    • Kathy says:

      Infuriating here too, and mainly because an ambulance or other emergency vehicle can’t get through there. Any business, be it construction, street repair, or underground digging, has to get a permit and notify the city in advance of blocking any public road.

      Both you and Uriel are right – it’s a form of soft aggression, and it’s ignored because of religion. I would not tolerate that on my street – when do people start to push back and tell them no??

  3. Grouchy says:

    We need a troop of Archers standing behind them, taking target practice at the time they heist their arses to fart their prayers to allah

  4. wbarna says:

    What a time for LA’s only snow plow to be in the shop.