Never Get In A Knife Fight With Old Veterans

From Controversial Times:

Pedophile Armed With a Knife Tried to Kill 16 Kids but He Ran Into This 76 Year Old Army Vet

James Vernon

James Vernon, 76, who is an Army veteran, credits his knife fighting training from his time in the military for his ability to stop a knife wielding mass murderer at an Illinois public library earlier this week.

Vernon was conducting a chess club meeting at the Morton, Illinois Library when 19 year old Dustin Brown burst into the room, wielding two large hunting knives, and screamed, “I’m going to kill some people!”

That’s when Vernon jumped into action. Vernon managed to draw Brown into a conversation, allowing the children time to hide under nearby tables. Once Vernon had lured Brown far enough away from the door to the room, he motioned for the children to make their escape, which they did.

Vernon then engaged in what he describes as “90 seconds of combat” with Brown. According to a local media report:

“There were no more potential victims in the room. He focused on me. There was no more talking,” but Vernon watched what Brown did with his knives and learned.

“I knew he was right-handed. He was whittling on his left arm” with the one in that hand, “making small cuts. He was trying to scare me, and he did.” But if Brown attacked, “I knew which hand it was coming from.”

Brown slashed from the right towards Vernon, who blocked the blade with his left hand. “I should have hit his wrist. That’s how you’re trained, but it’s been half a century,” he said.

“First rule of combat: Be fast and vigorous,” said Vernon, who was trained but never served in combat. Vernon’s medium build was enough to overcome his smaller attacker.

Vernon then threw Brown onto a table, held him there, and dealt numerous hard blows to the young man’s collar bone until he dropped the knives. Another employee then helped Vernon keep Brown pinned until police arrived.

Dustin Brown

Vernon, who retired in 2002 from his information technology career at Caterpillar Inc., suffered severe cuts to his left hand and arm. He is recovering at his Morton home from surgery for his wounds.

Brown was taken into custody and is facing numerous felonies, including attempted murder. He was ordered held on $800,000 bond pending a Nov. 5 court appearance on charges of attempted murder, armed violence, aggravated battery to a person over age 60 and burglary for entering the library with intent to commit a crime.

He’s also due in court Monday on the 22 child pornography charges filed against him in March.


Huge kudos to Mr. Vernon for his quick assessment of the situation and for stalling long enough to get those kids to safety.

My guess is the Morton Public Library is a gun-free zone and that’s why this sicko punk picked it. He probably knew when those kids would be, but he didn’t count on an old man messing up his plan.

That’s where you’d be wrong you twisted pervert. Never underestimate old people, especially a veteran.


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5 Responses to Never Get In A Knife Fight With Old Veterans

  1. the unit says:

    Great story. He was ready for combat. I be old vet as well, 73, not combat vet. Was Navy dentist. I stand ready to “drill’ such opponents, foreign or domestic.
    Just not those listed by Janet Napolitano and Southern Poverty Law Center and DOJ…veterans, Christians, Constitutionalists , and other patriots.

    • Kathy says:

      I definitely agree with you on those guys – they’re the very ones we want at our side.

      The libs would never go for it, but I can’t help but think how much easier it would have been to dispel this situation if Vernon had been carrying. One shot would have taken this guy down, he wouldn’t necessarily have to kill him, and Vernon wouldn’t have needed surgery for cuts he got in the fight. The old guy would have had a much better upper hand.

  2. Uriel says:

    WTG Senior! Perhaps it is that later we have an understanding of finite. Or that we are sick of stupidity but either way thanks to this senior many patrons now have a chance to grow older themselves.

    • Kathy says:

      I’ll go with sick of stupidity and add in tired of being overrun. It’s also a natural instinct for parents and grandparents to want to protect kids, and if that means getting cut up in the process, then so be it.

  3. vonmesser says:

    Agree. Too bad Vern wasn’t carrying. But if he had been, he’d probably be in jail for DRTing Brown, because the poor kid only had a knife.