Hillary is circling the drain – she’s going down this time folks!


From: breitbart.com,  by John Hayward,  on Sep 25, 2015,  see the article HERE.

Who ever knows how, or if, “the law” will apply to Democrat royalty? It sure looks as if Hillary Clinton committed perjury with her sworn statement that she turned over all of the official correspondence from her secret email server, and deleted only the yoga routines, cookie recipes, wedding reception plans, and so forth.


What the Associated Press reported on Friday afternoon sounds like the “game over” moment Democrats have been fearing since the Clinton email scandal came to a boil:

The Obama administration has discovered a chain of emails that Hillary Rodham Clinton failed to turn over when she provided what she said was the full record of work-related correspondence as secretary of state, officials said Friday, adding to the growing questions related to the Democratic presidential front-runner’s unusual usage of a private email account and server while in government.

The messages were exchanged with retired Gen. David Petraeus when he headed the military’s U.S. Central Command, responsible for running the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They began before Clinton entered office and continued into her first days at the State Department. They largely pertained to personnel matters and don’t appear to deal with highly classified material, officials said, but their existence challenges Clinton’s claim that she has handed over the entirety of her work emails from the account.

Hillary Clinton didn’t just “claim” she turned over all of her work-related emails. She signed a sworn statement to that effect in August, under penalty of perjury, and submitted it to a federal court. It’s the same statement her top aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills refused to sign.

Many observers thought the proverbial Other Shoe would drop on Clinton when the FBI started recovering deleted emails from the server she thought was wiped clean, but it doesn’t sound like we’ve even gotten to that closet full of Other Shoes yet. The AP report says this previously undisclosed string of Clinton emails was “first discovered by the Defense Department and then passed to the State Department’s inspector general.”

State Department spokesman John Kirby said these emails were received “in the last several days” and confirmed they “were not previously in the possession of the department.” He added that the State Department has forwarded the documents to Congress.

Also, try to contain your surprise, but Clinton and her campaign have been lying about when she started using her homebrew email server. These new emails between her and Petraeus “start on Jan. 10, 2009, with Clinton using the older email account. But by Jan. 28 — a week after her swearing in — she switched to using the private email address on a homebrew server that she would rely on for the rest of her tenure. There are less than 10 emails back and forth in total, officials said, and the chain ends on Feb. 1.”

The laughable “frequently asked questions” page produced by Clinton’s campaign claims she didn’t start using the homebrew server until March 18, 2009.


Karma is finally happening folks! The forces in the universe that have been torn asunder by the machinations of the Clinton Crime Family are retaliating! I wonder how often the old crone has uttered the words, “why me?” as if her Mother Teresa-like life hasn’t been recognized as saint-like and she’s disappointed the the Pope hasn’t scheduled her for beatification. After all the good she’s done for the needy, why aren’t more people a lot more appreciative?

So she told a little fib, just a little white lie … what’s the big deal? She’s been a champion of the downtrodden, the poor, the homeless, and those without hope and she deserves better treatment than to be accused of fraud. So she fudged the emails a little bit, who cares? They’re just stupid emails. She and Bill needed the money to take care of the “little people” in their lives.

I’m pleased to say that THIS TIME, she’s circling the porcelain bowl and about to join others of her kind in a Karmic septic tank where she’ll have lots of time to contemplate her misguided life.



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11 Responses to Hillary is circling the drain – she’s going down this time folks!

  1. Hardnox says:

    I hope this news isn’t just a tease and she skates.

    She’s got some stuff on Zero that has protected her these last years. I wonder if she’ll be vindictive enough to release the info and collapse the lefty house of cards?

    Hillary for Prison 2016!

  2. Gee I don’t know about her going down the drain Garnet. it seems to me that once again the DOJ will give her a pass as they have already. I’d sure like to see her in the toilet bowl swirling down into the cesspool, but I still have my doubts. I do hope your are right however.

  3. Kathy says:

    I still have my doubts, but I will concede that it’s looking more & more like her days are numbered.

    In addition to the emails between her and Patraeus, some more have been turned over relating to Benghazi. Just saw this at IJ Review, published 3 hours ago.

    State Dept says: “Following our second review of former Secretary Clinton’s emails… the Department is producing a small number of emails relating to Benghazi.”

    There are 925 of them! That may be a small number to them, but it’s huge to Gowdy’s team.

    This has been like watching an excruciatingly long slow soap opera and I’m so ready for Oct. 22nd to get here.


  4. 219rad says:

    I can just hear her conversation with Bill at the dinner table. “Why are they making such a fuss over emails?” “What difference does it make now anyway?”

  5. Uriel says:

    I think Hillary is like a greased pig at a rodeo. But there is almost always one who can catch it. I won’t hold my breathe since I need to breathe but I can keep my fingers crossed. If she does go down, I sure hope she squeals to high heaven and topples several dominoes in WH. And takes Abedin and all others at foundation with her.

  6. tannngl says:

    Love your title, Garnet!!!!!