Muslim kid who brought clock to school is going to SUE (surprised?)

From:,  by Carmine Sabia,  on Sep 18, 2015,  see the article HERE.

Going to see my lawyer

The Mohamed family on a fun family outing – going to see the CAIR lawyer!

BIG TIME Garnet92 KUDOS to our own Crawfish for bringing this to my attention!

The latest tweet from a Muslim boy who brought a clock to school that was mistaken for a bomb has some people wondering whether he and his family planned this all along.

By now, the story of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed — who brought to school a homemade clock in a briefcase that looked startlingly like a briefcase bomb, and who was subsequently arrested — has gone far and wide, garnering responses from various celebrities, including President Barack Obama, who invited Mohamed to the White House.

There is even a prayer vigil being held for the unharmed child, who appears in his latest tweet to be relishing his time in the spotlight.

That latest tweet stirred a hornet’s nest of controversy, as it shows Mohamed and his family all smiles with the caption, “Going to meet my lawyer.”

Several people on social media said the entire incident was planned by Mohamed and his family, and called it a scam.


And you can count me as one of those who don’t see this episode as entirely innocent. If anyone would read the other post on this subject HERE, you’ll see that what Ahmed brought to school wasn’t a “homemade clock,” it was a collection of parts out of a commercial (Radio Shack) Micronta clock inserted into his pencil case. He didn’t “invent” it or build it from scratch. And let’s not lose sight of the fact that the device required AC power and was both a fire and electrocution hazard with the wiring placed so haphazardly in the case.

And NO charges were filed. He was detained and brought to a detention center for questioning by police. His parents were called and he was released to them after police were satisfied that no crime had taken place. Yes, he was led away from school in handcuffs, that’s standard police procedure, regardless of  the individual’s skin color or religion.

If anyone wants to see what honest citizens with a modicum of common sense are up against in today’s PC world, simply read the Tweets in the original bizpacreview article (link above). Everyone is up in arms over this poor innocent teen genius who has been persecuted because of his name and the color of his skin. They either don’t know the facts surrounding the incident or prefer to ignore them. The kid brought a suspicious-looking device, in a briefcase, to school. He even (apparently) plugged it in during English class since the alarm went off – why’d he do that? I’m convinced that the kid was put up to this by his father and/or CAIR who were quick to seize the opportunity to expand the dustup into a national scandal and then file a lawsuit.

Sorry guys, this stinks to high heaven to me.


AN INTERESTING UPDATE! Sat. evening 20:18. A Micronta clock was used as the triggering device on the bomb that blew up Air India flight 182. Here’s a link to the Wikipedia article – go down to the “Explosives and Clocks” section and read about a Micronta clock, bought at Radio Shack, was modified to trigger the device.


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9 Responses to Muslim kid who brought clock to school is going to SUE (surprised?)

  1. Hardnox says:

    Me too. CAIR has their fingerprints all over this. I wonder if how many Valerie Jarrett has on it too.

    • Garnet92 says:

      I don’t know when CAIR first got word of this, but my guess would be that old dad called them immediately after hearing from the police department – and probably even before picking up his son.

  2. carolinmd says:

    The kid glove routine over a fourteen year old muslim student’s clock that seriously looked like a bomb shows how deep a disconnect exists when anything involves Islam. The school followed the proper procedure for such an incident, and one, I’m sure, all the students and parents had been notified of them in the regular, beginning of the year, school procedures. A fourteen year old boy would most likely be a high school freshman(especially if he is a “genius” as everybody is claiming) and would know exactly what he was doing, and what the repercussions would be for the presentation of his “clock” when the teacher saw it. He played dumb and hid behind his Islamic identity to create a more dramatic reaction, though it would have been the same protocol for any student who had done the same.
    I hope the family doesn’t proceed with a lawsuit…it will only create more problems for all involved.
    The president is using this for his own purposes, which we have all come to expect….it was ridiculous and out of line for his involvement to have been inserted into a school boy prank.

    • Garnet92 says:

      I hope so too, carol, but I doubt that consideration for anything will prevent them from going ahead. I see CAIR’s fingerprints all over this and no doubt that they’ll fund the attorney as well.

      What the kid did was dumb and I suspect that he knew it was but was encouraged to do it by his dad (and perhaps CAIR as well). The dad, who has political aspirations, could use the notoriety to help his career and visiting the White House won’t hurt either. I suspect that it’s all politically motivated.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. Kathy says:

    Thank goodness there are guys who take the time to do the research and blow holes in stories like this. Hopefully that information will put a stop to the law suit and expose these people for the lying race-baiters they are.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Isn’t that the truth! I was already suspicious, but when someone was able to actually identify the parts and connect them to a Radio Shack clock, that kinda blew the kid’s story outta the water.

      Can you believe our Muslim-loving president who immediately, before facts are known, invites this poor, brown-skinned victim of discrimination by us racist Texan morons to the White House? Is HE stoopid, or what? I hope that the FACTS end up biting him in his half-black, half-Muslim ass.

  4. Garnet92 says:

    There’s an addition – an update to the article that you should read. It tells how a similar Micronta clock was used as the trigger for the bomb that brought down Air India flight 182.

  5. Terry says:

    How wonderful. Now school kids across the land will be making fake (hopefully) bombs, in order to get an invite to see the White Mosque and the head muzzie himself.
    Will this pos do ONE THING beneficial to Our Country before his term is up ? (Stupid question, I know ).
    If obozo had a son, he would look a hell of a lot more like Ahmed Mohamed than Trayvon Martin !

    • Garnet92 says:

      Good to see you Terry! Yep, if the POS-in-Chief EVER does anything good for the U.S., it’ll be the first time. Isn’t that just like him – he could hardly wait to invite this young Muslim to OUR White House. Anything/everything for the Muslims, zip, zero, nada for us Christian citizens.