Bikers Roll Up to Diner… Moments Later Waitress Runs Outside Screaming, but It’s Not What You Think

From:,  by Ben Marquis,  on Sep 11, 2015,  see the article HERE.

It seems like I’m always posting some distasteful story about disasters, shootings, and stomach-turning evil-doers like Hillary Clinton, so I when I read this story … I thought why not post as a palate-cleansing story about good guys for a change.

Bikers at waffle house

Many people generally assume that bikers are a rough and thuggish bunch, criminals who ride in gangs and do criminal gang-type stuff, like intimidate old ladies and beat up weak men.

While there certainly are a few like that, most bikers are actually not hardened criminals at all, but soft-hearted teddy bears beneath a scruffy, leather-clad exterior (though we’d never say that to their faces).

This can be seen in the bikers who routinely escort the funeral processions of fallen soldiers and veterans and the protection some offer to abused or bullied children.

This (possibly apocryphal) story demonstrates this point exactly, proving the old saying that one should never judge a book solely by it’s cover:

A young waitress was working at a Waffle House when four bikers came roaring up into the parking lot of her restaurant.

The four large men came in and silently took a booth together. The intimidated waitress eventually worked up the courage to approach them and take their order.

“We’ll take 30 coffees and 30 bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches,” one of the men growled. “To go.”

Shocked, the woman rang up the large order, which came to a total of $160. After presenting the men with the bill, one of them handed her two crisp $100 bills.

Somewhat suspicious, she carefully checked the bills, but when they proved to be genuine, she proceeded to bring them their change.

“Keep it,” the man said, as he threw an extra $20 on the table.

The woman softened up a little when the man began making small talk for a moment, asking her about college while they waited for their large order to be prepared.

Eventually the food was ready, so they grabbed their bags and coffees and left the restaurant.

Approaching the table to clear it and wipe it down for the next customer, the waitress noticed yet another crisp $100 laying on the table. Assuming the men had mistakenly left it, she raced outside to catch them before they left the parking lot, noticing that one of the men was giving a coffee and sandwich to a homeless guy sitting near a dumpster.

She attempted to return the $100 bill to the men, but they assured her they hadn’t mistakenly left it, noting that college is expensive and she probably could use it.

Extremely grateful, she then asked what they planned to do with the food, as it was unlikely even four large men like themselves could eat all of the sandwiches.

Grinning widely, the four bikers explained that they had once split a lottery ticket and won, becoming incredibly rich. They wanted to give back to the community, but didn’t feel right simply writing a check to a charity.

Thus, once a week or so, they would gather up as many hungry people as they could find and help feed them, as they were doing just then.

With that, they packed up their things and rode away, leaving the stunned waitress standing in the parking lot (H/T LittleThings).

This is what most bikers are really all about, if only one can look past the rough and dirty exterior.


There just aren’t enough good guys like these bikers around – and far too many Hillary Clintons and Barack Obamas and BLM “protesters.” The bikers have chosen a unique way to “pay it forward” and you know that God is watching them and smiling.




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10 Responses to Bikers Roll Up to Diner… Moments Later Waitress Runs Outside Screaming, but It’s Not What You Think

  1. Kathy says:

    Cool story, and it reminded me of the guys in California that helps abused kids. For the most part, bikers today aren’t the same bad guys they were back in the 60s and 70s. Lots of them have turned that reputation around and I’d take a room full of bikers over a room full of politicians any day.

  2. Uriel says:

    Amen Garnet. Some of the most genuine, loving family men I have known ride Harleys. It’s an independence and love of wide open spaces thing for most. Not saying there are not bad eggs, there are. But for the ones I have known, they were good guys just preferring leathers over suits when they could get out and away.

  3. I.R. Wayright says:

    I have been riding motorcycles for (gulp) 51 years now. I still don’t understand the urge to look like a pirate, make as much noise as you can and ditch the helmet so others can observe how bad ass you are. Of course, I still haven’t won the lottery so maybe there is time.

  4. Grouchy says:

    Once the while, it’s relaxing to trade polyester for leathers, and feel the wind in your face.
    Bikers are like Teen-agers — They ain’t all the same~!

  5. Hardnox says:

    Great story. I know a lot of bikers that participate in a variety of “poker run” events to raise funds for one cause or the other usually for someone down on their luck.

    Bikers are typically All-American, barring the morons that every group has.

  6. Buck says:

    One thing about the motorcycle world is it has a very large variety of morons.

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