Alleged Texas cop killer charged: attended same university as Sandra Bland

From:,  by Bob Price and Lana Shadwick,  on Aug 29, 2015,  see the article HERE.

Shannon Miles and the deputy he shot

HOUSTON, Texas – Authorities in Harris County have identified the alleged killer of a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy as Shannon Juruary Miles, 31. Breitbart Texas has learned that Miles has an extensive history with law enforcement in Harris County.

Miles is the registered owner of the 2002 red Ford Ranger that law enforcement appeared to search on Friday night outside the home where Miles lives. The Ford was being sought after police obtained security video from the gas station where Deputy Darren Goforth was killed. They also had a description of the vehicle from witnesses.

Miles is being charged with capital murder involving the killing of a police officer.

The suspect allegedly walked up behind Deputy Goforth and began shooting without warning. Sheriff Ron Hickman said, during a Saturday press conference attended by Breitbart Texas, that Goforths only “offense” was the clothing he was wearing (a deputy’s uniform.) This is the only profession there is where you can be killed simply for the clothing you wear to work, Hickman told reporters.

Authorities said they did not charge Miles last night because they were confirming facts. Police have now confirmed that a gun recovered by police is the murder weapon.

The extensive criminal history of the alleged cop killer includes trespassing, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, evading detention. It appears he had a state jail felony arrest for criminal mischief, but the charge was pleaded down to a misdemeanor charge.

Breitbart Texas obtained the following information from public court records:

  • 02/03/2009 – Harris County – Metro – Resist Arrest/Search – Nolo Contender – 6 days jail
  • 05/12/2007 – Harris County – HCSO – Criminal Trespass  – Guilty – 10 days jail
  • 05/03/2007 – Harris County – Jersey Village PD – Evading Arrest – Guilty – 10 days jail (credit for some time in)
  • 12/31/2006 – Harris County – HPD – Disorderly Conduct (discharging firearm) – Guilty – 15 days jail
  • 10/02/2005 – Harris County – HCSO – Evading Detention (dismissed and refiled as) Resist Arrest/Search – Guilty – 8 days jail
  • 07/04/2005 – Harris County – HCSO – Criminal Mischief destruction of property $50 – $500 (was originally a Felony but was reduced to a Misdemeanor) (the complainant was Peggy O’Neal who is the registered owner of the house where Miles lives. O’Neal is also listed on Miles Facebook page.) – Guilty – 3 days jail
  • 02/15/2005 – Harris County – U of H PD – Fail to Identify giving False Info – Guilty – 4 days

Breitbart Texas has learned that Miles attended Prairie View A&M University, according to what appears to be his Facebook page. This is the school where Sandra Bland was arrested following a traffic stop and alleged assault on a police officer in July. Three days later Bland killed herself in the Waller County jail and became a prominent icon in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It appears he attended the predominantly black university for one year from August, 2003 to May, 2004. Following that he attended other colleges including Houston Community College and the University of Houston Hilton College.

Following Bland’s suicide, daily protests have been held at the Waller County Jail. In one of these protests attended by Breitbart Texas, a self-proclaimed militant black woman said that all white people should be killed. A few days later, armed members of the New Black Panther Party marched on the jail chanting “the Revolution has begun, off the Pigs,” during another protest attended by Breitbart Texas.

Last week, Breitbart Texas reported that the Prairie View City Council voted  to rename University Drive to Sandra Bland Parkway. Bland had moved back to Prairie View shortly before her death to work for the University’s alumni association.

During a press conference held in Houston on Saturday, Sheriff Hickman talked about the rhetoric about violence against cops was spiraling out of control.

Meanwhile, members of the community where Goforth lived and served are planning a prayer vigil to honor the fallen deputy. Throughout the day, people have been building amemorial tribute to the deputy. The prayer vigil is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Saturday evening. It will be held at the scene of Goforth’s execution, the Chevron gas station and convenience store located at West Road and Telge Road in northwest Harris County.

Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson told reporters that it is time for the silent majority in this country to support law enforcement.

Miles is currently being held in the Harris County jail without bond.

Breitbart Texas will be attending this event and will bring more information about this developing story.


This is a time when justice should be swift and sure. A friend of mine who was a cop once told me something that I’ve never forgotten. Any person who kills a law enforcement officer won’t pause for a second to kill a civilian. An officer is an authority figure, he/she is armed, and a killer of a policeman will be subject to intense manhunts to apprehend him/her. Killing a police officer is apt to be considered a more serious crime – a capital crime – more so than killing an ordinary citizen, so we citizens should be especially alert if a cop killer is on the loose.

Deputy Goforth’s only “crime” was wearing the uniform of a Harris County Deputy Sheriff. And worse, Miles didn’t just shoot him – he walked up behind the deputy. shot him in the back multiple times and after Goforth fell, Miles stood over him and shot him again. 

The trial should be swift and after he is found guilty (all evidence points to him), he should be put to death IMMEDIATELY, not ten years down the road after scores of appeals or until some shyster lawyer finds some arcane loophole and gets him freed. Some say that the death penalty isn’t a deterrent. It would be if it was truly swift and sure.



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15 Responses to Alleged Texas cop killer charged: attended same university as Sandra Bland

  1. Buck says:

    More use of capital punishment and a fast track through the appeals process followed by public execution would do a lot to quell this violence.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Agreed! I think that the reason that the bleeding hearts have been able to thwart the “swift and sure” punishment is 1) to allow more time for a legal manipulation to get the perp off altogether (criminals are just misunderstood angels) and 2) to conjure up the image of putting an innocent (truly innocent) person to death.

      I firmly believe that we, as a society, have to take that chance. If it’s found that a truly innocent person was put to death, that person’s heirs should be paid handsomely and the wrongly executed person should be enshrined as a hero – one who died in the pursuit of justice. Executing an innocent person is terrible – that goes without saying, but the alternative of allowing some really bad dudes back out into society is worse. Often, they kill again.

      My .02 cents worth.

  2. Hardnox says:

    I totally agree with your commentary.

    The connection to the university is interesting. I wonder how much of this hatred towards whites is rooted at these places much like radical muzzies at mosques? In a civil society, speech like this should not be allowed or tolerated. Blacks should be held to the same standards as the rest of society.

    • Garnet92 says:

      As is so common these days, if you took the “Black Lives Matter” and Calypso Louie rhetoric and did a search and replace and swapped references to “black” with “white” they’d be shut up in a hurry. This has got to stop. There is no doubt in my mind that Miles was influenced by the “kill a cop” rhetoric and Deputy Goforth paid the price for it.

  3. Uriel says:

    I agree too Garnet. These fool liberalists would profess society has let these offenders down but I say it is a choice the people made if in fact guilty. It should be society’s choice to remove them quickly and permanently. Society breaks down into chaos when rule of law and order or those designated to keep order are seen as less than effective.

    We know that Obama is striving to create just such a calamity in order to rule as a king.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Right Uriel, our society has been intimidated to the point that we cower when confronted by any attack. And it holds true for saying true statements about blacks and Muslims – political correctness intervenes and shuts it down.

      Evil-doers should be removed from society, regardless of their color or religion, but the left has managed to shout loud enough to drown out logical, common sense discussion that would be beneficial to society at large.

  4. Kathy says:

    Buck said it – make it public as well as fast. That would go a long way toward stopping this.

    I saw pictures of the prayer vigil last night and it was huge. Of course the first comment was ‘it’s all white people’ which it wasn’t, but it started the argument anyway. This is a hornet’s nest and these jerks just keep poking it with a stick.

    • Buck says:

      Allow the people who hold such killers in a hero status see their ‘hero’ being forcibly dragged up the steps, crying for momma and peeing on themselves….

      • Kathy says:

        Back in the old days, that kind of sentencing worked – these days it would cause more protests and damage from more rioting. Given the color of most of these offenders, Whitey would really be seen as racist then. Not that it should matter, but it sure shuts a lot of people down.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Yup, and that hornet’s nest will morph into a current day version of the KKK and we’ll start to see white supremacists killing blacks for no reason – much like this murder. We don’t need or want a race war, but eventually one will come when whites come to believe that any of us are at risk and react in kind.

  5. vonmesser says:

    I noted that the description of him broadcast was height, and clothing, with no mention of colour. From the surveilance video, it was obvious he was black. Wonder why this vital piece of information was left out???????
    (or should I even ask?)

    • Garnet92 says:

      Right VM, the earliest reports I read all noted that there was video footage and a witness so it was known that he was a black man – but the politically correct news media didn’t want to say that a black man did it, so they reported that the assailant was of “dark complexion.” If that isn’t PC gone completely insane, what is?

  6. Grouchy says:

    Didn’t they used to have the gallows outside the courtroom, at one time???

    Maybe it’s time for “Vigilante Justice”, as the courts don’t give a damn~!

    I know. Not PC. Well, I’ve had kinfolk who were sheriffs deputies, and some of the horror stories I heard as a small boy would curl one’s hair!, and the precautions they took to preserve the lives of murderers was astounding.

  7. Buck says:

    It has been 50 or 60 years since the newspapers quit reporting the race of a crime suspect. For awhile the papers could print the suspect’s address which would give the reader a reasonable idea but after the blockbuster integration of blue collar neighborhoods of the ’60’s that, too, is gone.

  8. tannngl says:

    Interesting list of charges/convictions for this evil person. Some of the charges seemed based on some other crime which was never listed. Wonder what they were…

    Great post, Garnet. I haven’t seen this anywhere else so far.