See What Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley Thought of the Political Leaders’ Debate!

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The 2015 federal election is underway and Thursday night was the TV debate between Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau, and Elizabeth May. Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley bring you coverage of the debate with some interesting highlights.

From leftists demonizing the oilsands, to the debate over the Bill C-51 anti-terrorism law, to the requirement to show ID before voting, to Canada’s foreign policy concerning ISIS, to the economy, the debate covered a lot of ground!

“Who do they think is going to pay the bills for everything?” Ezra Levant’s hot take on the Canadian leaders debate

Not a lot of people watched tonight’s first Canadian leaders debate — about 30,000 watched it streaming on YouTube, with more on some smaller TV channels. Four party leaders were present — Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May. With Paul Wells representing the Media Party as the emcee.

May’s presence was weird, as it always is. Not just because she’s ideologically extreme, and a bit of a conspiracy theorist — babbling away about Harper creating secret police; or how natural gas has a higher environmental footprint than coal. But also because she has nothing to lose by making an ass out of herself.

But she’s not an equal opportunity attacker; she’s really Justin Trudeau’s tag-team debating partner, alternating between going after Harper or Mulcair. Even on the one subject she disagrees passionately with Trudeau about — he supports the anti-terrorism law, C-51, and she opposes it — she just could not bring herself to attack her co-leader, Trudeau.

Harper came across well as a fatherly figure — trustworthy on the economy and security. Mulcair came across as fatherly too, but at times he seemed wobbly on details. Justin Trudeau played to his stereotype — the young, dashing former drama teacher who deeply loves Canada, and can rattle off Hallmark Card-style banalities to prove it.

The scariest part of the debate was when all four leftists (including Wells) piled on Harper over the oilsands and pipelines. It’s terrifying, in that if any of the opposition ever acted on their anti-oil declarations, Canada’s economy would tumble into a deep recession, countless jobs would be lost, and we’d simply import more OPEC oil. They truly have no clue — not surprising, given that none of Harper’s opponents have a degree in economics, or have held a meaningful private sector job. They just know that bashing oil and gas sells, at least to the Media Party, and to well-funded environmental NGOs.

The best part surely was a similarly lop-sided piling on, against the new requirement that Canadians show ID before voting. That’s a 90%+ winner with voters, but it appalled all of Harper’s opponents. He knows it and he loved it.

All in all, nothing really moved. And with two months to go till the election, the only enduring value of tonight’s debate will be as feedstock for future TV attack ads for each party against the other.

WATCH: A question from The Rebel unleashes “Angry Tom” Mulcair!

Thomas Mulcair said the NDP supports deployment of Canadian troops only “if there is a UN mandate.”

I asked Mulcair to clarify his position in the post-debate scrum, and I got a curt, snarky non-answer.

His handlers have been trying to tamp down Muclair’s “Angry Tom” side, but viewers caught a glimpse of it last night!

Later, I got some clarification about the policy from NDP operatives.

Regardless, why should Canada feel obligated to seek approval rom UN dictators and kleptocracts before deciding how and where to deploy its own military?

Trudeau’s “Miss South Carolina” moment and other debate “highlights”

Looking back on last night’s Maclean’s debate, the first thing that stood out were the comments I heard about the oil and gas industry. They were terrifying. Everyone except Stephen Harper seems determined to demonize the energy industry, and turn it into the moral equivalent of Big Tobacco.

But one highlight was how “shocked” everyone was when Stephen Harper said Canadians should show ID in order to vote. Most Canadians support that common sense proposition, so who were the other debaters trying to impress with their “outrageous outrage”? The press gallery?

Then there’s Justin Trudeau’s weakest and most embarrassing moment of the evening: no surprise, it came on the topic of foreign policy and national security.

The Rebel’s New Attack Ad

The 2015 federal election has begun. And we’ve launched our new attack ad!

Not against the Liberals or the NDP. But against a far more powerful, better-funded party: the Media Party.

You know what I mean — the majority of journalists in Canada who pretend to be independent and objective, but in real life are just left wing activists embedded within the media. They’re not going to be reporting on this election. They’re going to be campaigning in it — through their newspapers and TV shows.

Not us. We’re the only independent news outlet that Canadians can trust to give the whole story — not just left-wing cheerleading.



As it looks right now…..Harper is still in control. While the others were rude and tried to interrupt him…he didn’t let it stop him from talking when it was his turn. Harper is the only adult in that room!

I’m hoping that my fellow Canadians will realize we don’t need any infant from the daycare center to be running our country. We need someone who understands the issues we are facing now. From terrorism to the economy! A healthy, vibrant and safe place to live is what is important. Sending parkas to Syria or allowing the UN to dictate what we can do, just won’t cut it!

Mulcair really should show us all just how much he loves Canada and her people. He has dual citizenship with France! Time for him to make a choice on what citizenship he really cares about!

Justin and Elizabeth should just go play in the sand box…. they don’t bring anything to the table that is worth wasting time listening to! Just babbling and drooling!

~Blessed B~

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7 Responses to See What Ezra Levant and Brian Lilley Thought of the Political Leaders’ Debate!

  1. vonmesser says:

    Sometimes, my northern friends, you’re just as mucked up as we are down here.

    • Blessed B. says:

      LOL! When we have the Liberals or NDP in power we surely are! To be fair we have had our fair share of CINOs in power also. Many Canadians suffer from cranial rectumitis, and party affiliation disorder. Voting for the party leader instead of understanding what is being said and the leader’s actions.

  2. Grouchy says:

    But at least you have ONE solid, proven candidate who loves and honors his Nation,,, Mr. Stephen Harper~!

    • Blessed B. says:

      True! And Amen to that! I have spoken to a few folks lately here, who usually vote Liberal, and they are saying they will vote for Harper this Fall as he is the only clear choice and the only adult in the room! At least some are aware!

  3. Hardnox says:

    This is what happens when you forgot to close your borders in advance of Obama campaign operatives.

    They could have easily been spotted because they don’t say “eh”.

    • Blessed B. says:

      LOL! Those operatives are known and they are helping Justin prove just how incompetent he is for the job!

      mulCAIR is the biggest threat to Harper right now….. but I’m sure that Harper can show that he is the clear choice for PM. mulCair’s stance on having the UN dictate what Canada can or can’t do will have it’s impact on his campaign. Most Canadians don’t want someone else in control of our country.

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