Mark Levin: The Republican Party won its majority on a LIE

From:,  by Julia Hahn,  on Aug 1, 2015,  see the article HERE.

Mark Levin

Today one of America’s most popular talk radio hosts and best-selling author, Mark Levin, addressed a packed audience at the 37th annual National Conservative Student Conference hosted by the Young America’s Foundation.

The audience, comprised of more than 200 students from around the nation, was thrilled to hear from one of the most influential minds in the conservative movementIn his speech, Levin discussed many of the ideas put forth in his new book, Plunder and Deceitwhich is already winning accolades from many notable conservatives. Prior to his remarks, Levin sat down with Breitbart News and diagnosed the failings of the Republican Party — namely, that “The Republican establishment is the problem.” Levin explained that the GOP’s problems stem largely from party leadership. In a metaphor invoking the idea of House Speaker Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) as a Republican in drag, Levin said:

[Boehner] is essentially delivering for Barack Obama everything Barack Obama wants. Just because you’re dressed up as a Republican doesn’t make it so… By his actions, he has demonstrated that he is not a conservative. He spends his time with [Rep. Kevin] McCarthy (R-CA) and [Rep. Steve] Scalise (R-LA) conspiring against the Tea Party and the more conservative elements of his caucus… I can’t think of one significant advance in the cause of liberty or limited government under John Boehner. When he and [Sen. Mitch] McConnell (R-KY)—who’s equally bad— surrendered the power of the purse right out of the box… they just delivered Obama everything he wanted. So these men have helped Obama oversee the biggest explosion of government both in spending and in power ever.

Levin explained that under current leadership, the Republican Party has been an abject failure:

The Republican Party is a disaster. It has lost its way, I don’t think it even knows what its way is. We have a couple of self-serving powerful politicians at the top—in the House, in the Senate, and in the RNC [Republican National Committee] and various other places that empower themselves, they like exercising power. And they fear conservatives more than the Democratic Party… They hate conservatives, they hate constitutionalists, they hate the Tea Party. They don’t care for the Democrats, but they’ll work with them… They have no strategic vision whatsoever—and, of course, they have no tactical vision at all either—and they keep saying, ‘Vote Republican, Vote Republican.’ But they are doing more to dispirit Republicans and conservatives than Barack Obama, because people go to the polls, they give them the House, then they give them the Senate, and they get nothing. They also seem to think that bipartisanship is the reason they’re in Washington. No, the reason they’re in Washington is to advance the cause of liberty and prosperity and constitutionalism. Why would you want to participate in a bipartisan government when the President of United States is openly usurping the rule of law and openly attack the private sector and individual sovereignty?… Why wouldn’t you do everything you can to throw a wrench in his agenda?

Levin declared that, “The Republican Party won the majority on a lie.” Levin argued that on every issue from Obamacare to executive amnesty to Obamatrade, the establishment Republican Party has refused to represent the interests of Americans. Perhaps nowhere is this more acutely noticeable than on the issue of immigration. Levin explained:

 I’m offended by this notion that if you’re the child of a foreigner and you’re a foreigner, that you’re a ‘DREAMer.’ Do we talk about American citizen children as ‘Dreamers’?… Do you ever hear [the establishment parties] talk about young American children, or kids graduating college… and the impact that these outrageous policies have [on them]?

These observations led Levin to conclude that above all else, “The one thing the Republican Party can do is insist that its leaders resign.” When asked whether he thought the efforts to oust Boehner as Speaker — such as those led by Congressman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) — would prove successful, Levin was not overly optimistic:

Probably not, but to me that doesn’t matter. You have to start a movement, a force, an effort somewhere. If this were easy, John Boehner wouldn’t be Speaker right now. I expect the entrenched Republicans to do everything they can to trash someone like Meadows… because they are protecting the system, they are part of the system, and [Meadows is] challenging it.

Levin called for the emergence of “a new Civil Rights movement,” in which Americans insist that their leaders represent their interests.

I want to generate a new Civil Rights movement, not led by hucksters, not led by liberal frauds who use that nomenclature to justify every big government agenda item that they can — the left has stolen that phrase, ‘Civil Rights’ — we need to take it back using new media, old media,using every available tactic. It’s time for young people to stand up for themselves.

Levin explains that his new book — whose intended readership includes both what Levin terms as the “governing generation” and the “rising generation”– aims to “counter the textbooks that are pushing the left’s agenda” and “undo the propaganda that media, culture, [and] professors are constantly spewing.” Levin asserts that “Younger people are being manipulated,” and that far too many liberal-indoctrinated youths “are voting for their own demise.” Levin hopes that with this book, he will give Americans the facts they need to generate this new Civil Rights movement and force politicians to represent their interests.


Mark Levin is another one of our national treasures – a staunch conservative. He’s outspoken and pulls no punches – he tells it as it is and damn the consequences. We need a lot more like him. He’s got the establishment Republicans nailed, they are worse than useless, as Mark says, “They hate conservatives, they hate constitutionalists, they hate the Tea Party. They don’t care for the Democrats, but they’ll work with them.” That is reason enough to work as hard as we can to rid our government of those who have only their self-interest in mind while supposedly acting on our behalf. We need to elect more like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.



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17 Responses to Mark Levin: The Republican Party won its majority on a LIE

  1. Hardnox says:

    I listen to Mark Levin daily as I have for years. He is indeed a national treasure. He’s is absolutely right about the R’s and the need to create a new civil rights movement. The problem I see is that no one will do it. People just don’t seem to give a shit and expect someone else to do the heavy lifting.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Unfortunately I don’t get him every day, but I catch him when I can. His show ought to be required listening for high school students – it would give them a real history lesson.

    • Buck says:

      It’s not we don’t give a shit. It is more like we have jobs. We have to work every day to feed our families. We can’t be running off to throw a demonstration.

      • Hardnox says:

        That’s true Buck but many people get more upset with the air pressure of a football than with those that are screwing us daily.

        Many of us have gone to rallies, demonstrations, townhalls and for what?… we get nothing in return. The media under reports our numbers and the politicians ignore us, and we are labeled as extremists by the very team that we helped get into office. It’s very difficult for regular people to stay energized when we get republicans that refuse to fight for the things that we sent them to office for.

        • Buck says:

          Vote ’em and if they don’t produce, vote ’em back out.
          And you are right.
          Not much hullabaloo about selling baby parts but the network is frying over killing a lion who was close to max age.

  2. CW says:

    Mark Levin is one of the few talking heads who really GETS it. I listen now and then because in addition to usually being spot on, his anger is appropriate in what’s become a very inappropriate world. I’m glad he’s reaching out to young people and telling them the truth about our situation. My only complaint with Levin is that he spends WAY too much time expressing resentment of “the back-benchers” and insisting that he said this or that first. He could lose some of the ego and be better for it.

  3. BrianR says:

    Yeah, Levin’s the best.

    Everything he said is what I’ve been saying for years, going back to my TH blogging days, when we were “Crispies”, and taking a lot of heat for it, primarily from our own “side”.

  4. Kathy says:

    I like his idea of a new civil rights movement and love to see him get it started. After all, he’s the one with the name and the clout.

  5. tannngl says:

    May God grant Mr. Levin long and healthy life. We need him.

    Just got the Mark Levine ap for my phone. I can listen anytime I want! Pgh has poor talk radio anymore. We lost our FM station to music.

  6. Garnet92 says:

    Agreed tannngl, and I’d love to see him syndicated on more stations to get to a wider market – the more folks who hear his common sense patriotism, the better.

  7. Buck says:

    He could be on every radio station and folks would still tune him out because he doesn’t bring them a message they want to hear.

  8. JenZ says:

    It sounds like I need to find out when his show airs and start listening when I can. I don’t know when I can, but I will find some time to do it 🙂

    • JenZ says:

      (I stay pretty busy trying to homeschool our family’s next generation and doing things on our small farm)

    • Hardnox says:

      Jen, you can find him on WMAL (Washington DC). He’s on at 6PM Eastern. You can also listen to any of his shows (after they air) on