A Catastrophic Crisis of Confidence


Blame it on The Obama and Hillary Administration

We are speeding toward a catastrophic crisis of confidence in our government. Some will say that it’s already here and I agree that we already have considerable evidence that our government is “broken.”

The “broken” term is often applied to various programs and activities that aren’t functioning as expected – the main recipient of that term right now is our immigration system. It is widely said to be “broken.”

By comparison, if our immigration system is broken, our federal government is bent, folded, spindled, and mutilated.

Our president, Barack Obama, refuses to secure our borders and even offers a helping hand to entice more illegal aliens to flood into the country. He, along with our current Secretary of State (SOS) John Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) have secured an agreement with an enemy state (Iran) that removes the sanctions that forced them to the bargaining table, takes their word that they will not produce nuclear weaponry, and releases $100 billion dollars that will help fund terroristic actions against Israel and the United States. No one believes that the agreement is good for the U.S., it is window-dressing; designed to be listed as an “achievement” in Obama’s legacy.

And don’t forget that Obama has an extensive record of lying to the American people. With that in mind, how can we believe anything that he tells us?

And yet, even with all of the Obama Administration’s un-American activities, one of them may be more serious that all of the rest. That would continuing to support Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State even while she was maintaining a secret personal email server in violation of numerous policies, both administrative and security-related.

It is becoming more evident each day that Hillary’s email activities while she was SOS put her interests ahead of the country and made our diplomatic decisions and policies susceptible to hacking by foreign governments. Based on evidence that other governments have been successful in gaining access to a number of our government-secured systems, it’s ludicrous for Hillary to assure us that her “homegrown” email network was free from intrusion. One, it’s unlikely that she’d even know and two, she wouldn’t admit it even if she knew that her network had been hacked.

Her personal interests were better served by preventing FOIA requests and congressional inquiries from getting access to descriptions of her activities. And those activities would include her dealings relative to the Clinton Foundation as well as her official capacity as Secretary of State. That and that alone, was the reason for the secret personal server. No one can seriously and honestly argue any other reason for the existence and use of an unauthorized offsite personal server.

Now we learn that her personal attorney David Kendall apparently has a thumb drive with her emails on it. We don’t know the contents of this thumb drive – whether it only contains copies of the emails that Hillary sent (in paper form) to the State Department, or whether it might contain ALL of her emails, including those that she later deleted from the server.

If this report is true, that thumb drive could be a sort of Holy Grail for anti-American interests, at least those that haven’t already hacked her network. The information could be used for purposes of blackmailing a candidate for POTUS, or later for blackmailing the president herself. And in addition, the emails would yield detailed information of the State Department’s diplomatic actions and how they related to other countries during her tenure.

What is David Kendall doing with Hillary’s emails? The various congressional committees have had legal reason to access Hillary’s emails, how can Kendall have those now and still prevent any access to the contents?

How is the thumb drive secured? Who has access to it? Are Kendall and his associates cleared to have highly secret classified information resident in his office? These are questions that our administration should be asking – where is the FBI and the Department of Justice on this issue? They have been missing in action, no doubt because Obama himself and the democrat Party want to keep that information under wraps.

An important side point: in NONE of the articles that I read recently about Hillary’s emails and the IG’s offices revelations that many of them contained sensitive and classified information, are the OTHER 30,000 or so that Hillary DELETED even mentioned. Those that SHE determined were personal and “didn’t contain any State Department business.” Does anyone believe that Hillary didn’t delete those emails to prevent them falling into the “wrong” hands?

Remember, the State Department only received emails that Hillary chose to send them. She culled her entire crop of some 60,000 emails on her secret server and SHE CHOSE the ones to send to State. Remember that she admitted that she used the secret server exclusively to send and receive emails so all of her official correspondence should have been on that server.

Hillary made the decision about which ones to send and which ones to keep (hide). No objective third party made the decision about which ones were relevant to the Benghazi investigations or any other State Department activities. ALL of her official State business should have been remitted to State. Does anyone really think that Hillary had another 30,000 emails on that secret server that were entirely personal? Ones that only referenced Chelsea’s wedding or yoga routines?

Like Obama, Hillary has a long and documented history of lies. Anyone who blindly accepts what either of them says is gullible to a fault.

And how could there be a couple of months for which there are NO emails at all? According to Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy, there is a lapse of multiple months in the email trove that have been provided to him where there was NO activity – NO emails. Didn’t Hillary work for those two months? Was there NO diplomatic correspondence between State and any other foreign government during that time? That is highly unlikely and practically impossible.

No one will ever convince me that Hillary didn’t filter out any emails that painted her in a bad light and especially those that would directly point to her illegal activities and thereby be the “smoking gun” evidence of immoral, illegal, and possibly traitorous activities by her and the president.

Hillary knowingly set up that secret server to prevent access to her activities and when Benghazi happened and her secret server was exposed, she had no choice but to prevent the evidence of her actions from becoming public knowledge.

She feloniously selected innocuous emails to send to State and deleted the others that could indict her.

That’s the very definition of a cover-up. And Barack Obama is a co-conspirator. He was aware of her extra-governmental email system and by his inaction, is just as guilty as she is.

That really shouldn’t come as a surprise. EVERYTHING that the Obama Administration does is political – the best interests of the U.S. are secondary. Everything that Obama does is based on its effect on his agenda and his legacy. He knew that Hillary had a secret server, why didn’t he stop it? I posit that he knew that the activities of the State Department were activities done in his name and therefore he was linked to anything (and everything) that happened – including Benghazi.

Once Benghazi hit the fan, he was as much at risk as Hillary and so it was to his advantage for her to eliminate any evidence of gun-running and ignoring of security requests by Ambassador Stevens.

Obama’s inner circle was also instrumental in concocting the idiotic video story that was supposed to prevent the attack from being characterized as a terrorist attack. Obama was vulnerable during the run-up to the 2012 election and a terrorist attack on his watch wasn’t something that he needed. And since Hillary was planning to succeed Obama as our next president, both of them were vulnerable, so they covered it up – or at least attempted to.

Hillary’s emails during that period could answer a lot of currently unanswered questions, including what Obama knew and when he knew it.

So, what happens? The emails (the evidence) conveniently disappear. Evidence is destroyed. Isn’t that’s supposed to be against the law?

Haven’t we had ample evidence that the Obama Administration, including both recent Secretaries of State, consider themselves above our laws?

Our president just ignores the laws that inconvenience him and uses various executive mechanisms to implement his mandates. Our economy is dismal; our jobs picture is awful, especially with the influx of illegal aliens taking the low level jobs from citizens. We now have more people on government-provided entitlements than working, our enemies no longer fear us and our allies (the few we have left) don’t trust us. And our national leadership lies to us.

Is there any wonder that our United States is on the verge of a catastrophic crisis of confidence?



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14 Responses to A Catastrophic Crisis of Confidence

  1. Hardnox says:

    A stellar essay Garnet. I share your disgust. This country deserves and needs so much better leadership.

  2. CW says:

    Very well done, Garnet.

    Unfortunately nearly half the people in this country (and maybe even more) don’t understand what’s wrong with having selfish, deceitful, manipulative people holding the most powerful office of the land. As long as the candidate smiles and says all the things they like to hear, the transparency of their intentions matters not. It’s mindboggling.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Appreciate that CW. Those would be the inert class of our population – they’re so far out of the picture when it comes to selecting our leadership, they don’t even deserve to be called “un-engaged,” I prefer to think of them as “inert” as they have little ability to act or react. They rely on sound bites featured on the alphabet nightly news and that’s it.

  3. BrianR says:

    Kudos. Well said.

    There’s no doubt Clinton didn’t want her activities documented by emails that could be accessed by FOIA or congressional subpoena, hence the private email server, which she could control, delete, alter, whatever. Rewrite history. It’s her standard MO, recalling the Rose Law Firm records, Travelgate, Vince Foster, her cattle futures “investment”, all of that.

    She learned from the Watergate affair, and Nixon’s neglect in destroying those tapes. No way in hell she was going to make the same mistake.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanks Brian – good piece on the Island by the way. Isn’t it mind-boggling that, with all we know about Hillary, there are still people who will vote for her? She’s about as slippery as a K-Y lubed up eel.

  4. Bullright says:

    Excellent summary, Garnet, if anyone can summarize this cabal. It proves she was scheming from the first day, In fact, the oath she swore to was abolished with that server. The bitch never even had an email established at State. She wanted to make sure it all went into that server farm. How could that protect against enemies either foreign or domestic? Unless of course one IS the enemy. She should be prevented from serving in any public office… or to be blunt, she should be pleading the 5th instead of campaigning.

    Yet influence peddling was one of her primary objectives — extorting the position for personal gain, what Clintons always did. Just like so much of the Clinton years. Hello, Sandy Burglar. She wanted to make dang sure she was in control of all of it and succeeded. They all knew it; how would feds and secret service not know? Or the inspector gen that was conveniently not appointed for years? Then scrubbing the server. Nixon was a choir boy. It never ends,

    This whole thing is the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.

    • Bullright says:

      Question is, like Obama, do you think her getting into WH she could seal up that info? Was/is it the plan?

      • Garnet92 says:

        Thanks Bull, you’re right Hillary is all scam, all the time. I suspect that her scam controller is hard-wired in an “on” condition and there’s no way to turn it to un-scam.

        As far as sealing info goes – I’m still blown away that after some seven years or so no one has hacked Obama’s documentation. I would have bet money that someone, somehow, would have exposed his school records by now. That’s amazing.

  5. Kathy says:

    The lack of confidence in them doing what’s right for the US and following the Constitution is indeed catastrophic – I’d say it’s flipped on it’s head and we are now confident that Congress is all one party and all out for themselves, save a handful, while our president is out to destroy us.

    Good stuff, Garnet.

    • Buck says:

      More and more I am believing Gunny G’s solution to be the only way out.

    • Garnet92 says:

      Thanks Kathy. The most disheartening thing for many of us is that so many of those that we’ve sent to D.C. have taken up the habits of the establishment RINOs and forgotten why they were sent there. Unfortunately, the voting public isn’t holding them accountable, so they get away with it. The two parties have all but merged, no easy way to tell them apart any more based on their votes.