How Planned Parenthood Gets Its Money

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Notice the stats on who operates this machine.  They operate it like a fast-food chain complete with local franchises.

~ Hardnox


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5 Responses to How Planned Parenthood Gets Its Money

  1. Kathy says:

    A lot of women count on PP for cheap/free birth control and other services. I get it, so we need PP for that or find another way to help (not support) these ladies and then defund it completely.

    That’s what should happen – what will happen is Congress will slap their hand and stipulate they can’t do that anymore. Everyone will go back to business as usual and be happy because Congress ‘took care of it.’

    Deplorable? Yes, but what in our government isn’t a runaway money train??

  2. vonmesser says:

    If ObamaCare is so good, why do we need Planned Parenthood?

    • Hardnox says:

      vM, you’re not allowed to ask that question because that would make you anti-woman and a racist.

      Seriously though.. good question. More than likely it’s because by the time the would-be aborter would get access to the clinic the child would be 2 years old. Can’t have that.

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