Wild Bill: Trump Syndrome

Here’s Bill’s take on Donald Trump:

Trump isn’t my first choice either but everyone knows that a bulldozer is needed before you do fine landscaping.

~ Hardnox

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9 Responses to Wild Bill: Trump Syndrome

  1. I sure do agree with Wild Bill. It would be great to have someone with testosterone back in the WH. Like him Cruz is my choice, but I’m enjoying Trump running roughshod over the press and saying whatever comes to his mind. Can’t wait to see the debate on Fox next week. It’s sure to be most entertaining.

  2. Kathy says:

    “Trump would be America’s SOB”, lol. Yes he would. Cruz is still my choice too, especially after the stand he stood this weekend in the Senate.

  3. CW says:

    Well said, Bill.

    It’s okay to have a big ego as long as you still respect the liberty and rights of others. It’s only when that respect is absent, as it is with the leftists, that ego becomes a problem. To those who complain about Trump’s ego I would tell them to look at what Obama has done and ask: What kind of a monstrous ego does it take to destroy a country just because you can?

    Trump and Cruz are among the few who recognize that we are in a civil war in this country and words are the weapons that we use to fight that war. The Left would like to disarm us by censoring us with demands that we be politically correct (meaning we can’t speak the truth), while they do and say whatever they please. I think people are experiencing that feeling you get when you see a movie where the villain has been winning because the good guy was disarmed, and then someone throws the hero a sword and the battle is on. Trump and Cruz are refusing to be bullied by the bullies. You gotta love them for that.

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