There’s Something “Not Quite Right” with Hillary’s Campaign

WATCH: Liberal TV Hosts Reveal Disturbing Truth About Hillary’s Future… It’s Very Bad News For Her

From:,  by Ben Marquis,  on Jul 24, 2015,  see the article HERE.

A significant portion of the American voting public has now reached or confirmed their conclusion that former secretary of state and front-running Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is corrupt and untrustworthy.

This collective realization is reflected in the latest polls, which continue to show Hillary and her campaign in a downward spiral.

Even some liberal news hosts are now admitting the future looks grim for Hillary, though they still laughably attempt to find any excuse for her collapse in the polls other than the mountain of scandal surrounding her.

Mitchell and Todd

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell was recently joined by “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd to discuss Hillary’s latest drop in the polls, with Mitchell trying to dismiss the results with: “I mean, it’s one poll … It’s pretty early.”

Todd attempted to explain: “Well, no, it’s like her standing in national polls looks fairly strong. These swing states, Virginia, usually goes where the national polls are. So something is amiss here. Either the state polls are an outlier or the state polls have found something first, before the national polls, which is also possible.”

According to Newsbusters, Todd went on to relay the messaging he had received from Hillary’s campaign: “So the Clinton campaign very quietly is pushing back, saying, ‘Well, maybe this was a bad Democratic sample.’ We’ll see. Let’s see other polls to find out.”

Mitchell countered that by suggesting her poll numbers are down because all the attention is focused on the wide-open Republican race, while Todd opined that maybe the bad nuclear agreement with Iran was pulling down her numbers.

Eventually, Todd admitted that “there’s something just not quite right” about Hillary’s campaign.

Of course, the real reasons for Hillary’s plunging favorability numbers were never mentioned, those being the scandalous deleting of classified emails from her private server and the highly questionable donations to the Clinton Family Foundation in exchange for political favors.

Nor did they mention the fact that Hillary is just a generally unlikable person, a far cry from her can-do-no-wrong husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Watch the following video and have a laugh for yourself as these two liberal hosts grasp at straws to explain why Hillary Clinton is now losing theoretical head-to-head matchups with several GOP contenders in extremely important swing states.

NOTE: There is a short video of the Mitchell/Todd interview (1:07), but I couldn’t get it to play here. If you’re interested, you can link to the original article and see it there. Garnet92

Eventually, there will be no other straws to grasp, no other plausible explanation to be divined, other than the fact that Hillary Clinton is a corrupt individual who most Americans simply do not like anymore, if they ever did in the first place.


“Corrupt and untrustworthy?” At long last, the American public has taken off the Clinton-colored glasses and is seeing Hillary for the deceitful, lying, fraudulent witch that she’s always been. Next to seeing her modeling a fall ensemble of orange jumpsuits, the next best thing will be to watch her campaign slowly circle the drain over the next several months until she realizes that she can’t win and, to save face, quits the race to “spend more time with her family.” Hopefully this will be around year-end (or later), so the dems won’t have much time to marshal their forces and find another black community organizer to fraudulate his way into the White House.




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5 Responses to There’s Something “Not Quite Right” with Hillary’s Campaign

  1. Buck says:

    So they bend over backwards trying to explain why Hillary is tanking in the polls at the same time they are bending over backwards trying to explain why Trump isn’t tanking in the polls.

  2. Hardnox says:

    It’s not the campaign. It’s her. Lefties didn’t like her last time. She’s on her Lose Campaign 2.0. Now the D’s will throw her under the bus (in light of the DOJ investigation) and the media will nominate a new frontrunner while there is still time to campaign.

  3. Kathy says:

    When you rope off the press in livestock pens hundreds of feet away, then you travel around with staged ‘all American Joes and Janes’ and you refuse to answer any real questions from the press while downright ignoring some, yeah, your campaign is bound to go down the tubes.

    Meanwhile the curtain is being pulled away to expose more & more of her corruption and she’s got no response.

    Not quite right?? Nah, I’d say it’s going perfectly – just the way we like it.

  4. Grouchy says:

    Ethics and Morality have never been in the lexicon of the Clintons, and especially Hillary. And it started even before her firing from the Watergate investigations committee for lying and falsifying information.
    Then, there are the White Water files fiasco,,,

  5. Uriel says:

    It beats me with all the overwhelming evidence suddenly and finally coming to light that she has even any supporters, aides, or funds given from a single John or Sue Public. Idiots and drug addicts is all I can think.