“Well Armed” California Business Owner Kills Two (Alleged) Robbers

From: breitbart.com,  by AWR Hawkins,  on Jul 22, 2015,  see the article HERE.

Surprise Mr Robber

Surprise, Mr. Robber! Say hello to my little friend!

On July 18 a “well armed” business owner was shot on the streets of Montebello by two allegedly armed men who wanted his wallet and other valuables. The business owner was able to return fire and kill both men.

The business owner’s name has not been released for “safety concerns.”

According to CBS Los Angeles, the “preliminary investigation” of the incident found that “both suspects were [allegedly] armed with handguns” and shot the business owner once while attempting to rob him.

Montebello police Lieutenant Andy Vuncanon said, “Officers arrived and determined that the victim of a street robbery was actually able to defend himself and there was a subsequent shooting.” Vuncanon described the business owner as “well armed.”

The business owner shot one of the suspects multiple times, shooting the second suspect but once. Both suspects died from their wounds.

Lt. Vuncanon said the business owner was shot in the stomach and his wound was “non-life threatening.”

The valuables taken from the business owner were recovered.


I know that the lefty gun grabbers will lament the passing of the two robbers as a senseless killing of two humans. For those of us who believe in personal rights and law and order, we’re not sorry in the least. These two thugs made a decision to rob an innocent businessman of his property and they shot him. There was the very real possibility that the victim could have been the businessman instead. Had the robbers not made the lethal mistake of turning to robbery as a source of income, they’d likely be alive today. Good riddance, I say. The country now has two fewer criminals on the street.

To those lefty gun grabbers I’d also like to point out that this incident illustrates the reason for law-abiding citizens to carry concealed handguns. The law-abiding citizen, though shot, retains his property and will survive. The bad guys are deceased. The good guy with a gun stopped two bad guys with guns – it’s a textbook example of why we’re armed.

Kudos to the businessman to being armed and being well trained; he hit his target(s) and put them down – DRT, as it were.

BTW, the police statement was the source for the term “well armed.” It’s not yet known why they used that particular term to describe the businessman’s weaponry.




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5 Responses to “Well Armed” California Business Owner Kills Two (Alleged) Robbers

  1. Buck says:

    I’m not surprised. The legal gun owner is more likely to have been schooled in marksmanship and his weapon is more likely to be of a caliber with the greater stopping power.

  2. vonmesser says:

    DRT and DLT (one was dead right there, the other was dead on the left….LOL)

  3. Hardnox says:

    Oh good. A Thursday double DRT story… made my week. 🙂

    Two less shitheads breathing the same air as the rest of us.

  4. Kathy says:

    I’m guessing ‘well-armed’ means more than one weapon or some pretty big firepower.

    The gun grabbers will never get it through their thick skulls that citizens who carry concealed have gone through training, been tested and know the responsibilities that come with carrying a gun. They still equate those citizens to the oftentimes reckless use of guns by the bad guys.